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Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Promenade Deck
Stardate: 30152.1250

She was the Chief of Security for the USS ANUBIS; in charge of protecting each and every member of the crew from whatever threat they might come across.  So it felt a little strange for Ya'Han to have Ensign Paquette, the Chief Engineer walking next to her, acting in a way as her bodyguard.

Although she was a few inches shorter than Ya'Han, Sonja had a presence about her that warned most to keep their distances.  It was not that the red haired Chief Engineer appeared mean or unfriendly, in fact the opposite could have been said, but the woman gave off an aura of no-nonsense that none so far had dared to challenge.  Appearances wise, the two women were out for a casual walk about the MASQUERADE DREAMS, to enjoy the bounty of the cruise liner on their own terms and no one else's.

Three hours ago Sonja had simply been told to stay with Ya'Han until further notice. The idea had been to insure that the black haired Chief of Security would not again be alone should the green haired entertainer or her apparent partner were encountered once more.  It seemed that the Pythron merchant and Nylaan entertainer believed the undercover Ensign had been her sister Ya'Jun, a member of the ruling family of NYLA IV who, like Ya'Han, had also run away to escape from their father's control.

Not knowing if her sister had actually been on board the Risian cruise liner MASQUERADE DREAMS had made the black haired Chief of Security to be on edge.  With each deck they walked on, with each corner they turned down in, Ya'Han almost feared running into her sister.  To find her would confirm Ya'Jun's presence on the ship and complicate matters a great deal as the undercover crew would be asked to help in whatever way they could.  The added complication of Ya'Han's own identity and presence being revealed only made this even more problematic.

It had been almost a decade since Ya'Han had seen her older sister, and although they two of them might not have a lot in common other than their upbringing, the black haired Chief of Security could relate to the woman and what had likely caused her to run away as she had.  It was because of this unspoken understanding that Ya'Han knew how important it had been for the two of them to not be found out if at all possible.

"There you are," someone said rather joyfully from ahead of the two wandering women.  As the crowd continued to move, a single, short figure remained still indicating the source of what they had heard.

"Not him," Ya'Han sighed heavily, having completely forgotten about the Ferengi whom she had noticed back in the ship's main dining area earlier that same morning.

"A friend of yours?" Sonja asked sarcastically in a whispered voice, keeping her eyes firmly on the Ferengi who had begun to move closer.

"Just someone who seemed rather interested in me at breakfast," the black haired Chief of Security answered with despair.  "I had never seen him before and hoped to never see him again."

"Alrighty then," Sonja grinned before taking a diagonal step forward, placing herself directly in between the Ferengi and Ya'Han.  For a brief moment the large eared troll and red haired woman gazed into one another's eyes as if gauging each other's resolve.

"Please allow me to introduce myself, I am Bruk, and I would like to speak to the lady behind you about a business proposition that I hope will prove t be most profitable for both of us," the Ferengi eventually said, confident that the woman directly in his way would not move, either of her own will or otherwise.

The toothy smile sent shivers down Ya'Han's back and instantly made her feel ill.  As much as she might never have seen this particular troll before today, there had been not a single redeeming quality about him that the Chief of Security could identify.

"Not interested," Ya'Han hissed as she placed her right hand on Sonja's shoulder, indicating by the gesture that she had still been there and was ready to move as far away from the Ferengi as possible.

"A woman with your skill set should not be hiding them behind the black of your hair," the Ferengi said as the two women began to walk away.  Not at all having expected to hear this, Ya'Han came to a complete stop until Sonja took hold of her wrist and pulled her ahead.

"Does he know who you are or does he believe you to be Ya'Jun?" the red haired Chief Engineer demanded through clenched teeth, Sonja appearing rather shocked by what she had just heard.  For someone who Ya'Han had never met, this Ferengi troll seemed to know far more than anyone could have expected.

"I don't know," the Chief of Security said, hesitation in her voice.  It was impossible to deny that Bruk knew something about Ya'Han, but the question had been what and how much? 

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Hanali Han

Ensign Ya'Han
Chief of Security / Chief Tactical Officer