"Thinking About The Mission"
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Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Room 22-143
Stardate: 30152.1215

He could have been anywhere on the cruise ship, but after what had happened by the pool, the OPS officer had thought it best to lay low and take it easy for a little while.  The Doctor of the MASQUERADE DREAMS had prescribed rest after having given him a clean bill of health, no concussion having been found despite the force of the blow and how difficult it had been for the man to make it all the way to the infirmary.

As polite, kind and skilled as the cruise liner's Doctor had been, it had not taken long for Jayson to recognize the competence and knowledge of their own CMO.  After the experience, the OPS officer had concluded that Starfleet had been doing a great job in training its medical personnel.  At the very least this entire ordeal had served to give him a new appreciation for Doctor Mizore and all others who worked in that field.

The Captain's recent call to the team to stay alert and report anything back to ANI had served to remind the OPS officer that this had not been a pleasure cruise.  Their job, to gather information, had been a simple one, although the 'doing' had not been as easy as the 'saying'.  Dealing with Drask Pharren, Ye'Lan and their connection to Ensign Ya'Han had been an unexpected sideline to their primary task.  Dealing with this situation could not interfere with their larger objective, no matter how much any one of them might have wished it otherwise.

As much as he might have wanted to solve this mystery as fast as possible to help their Chief of Security, Jayson had to accept that this had not been the only task on their collective plate.  Finding a way to getting the Pythron merchant into the nearest airlock and jettisoning him into space, all of this without raising anyone's suspicions, would just have to wait.

All that he could do for the time being was to wait for the ship-wide scan to be completed and read up on various events and activities taking place all over the MASQUERADE DREAMS.  How knows, maybe amongst those 1500 passengers scattered throughout several dozen activities and shows, someone held the answer to this mystery.  Either that or this unknown person might be able to give the crew of the ANUBIS a reason to celebrate and actually enjoy their time on the Risian Cruise Liner as genuine guests.


Jayson Sousa

Ensign Jayson Stark
Chief of Operations