"Searching For Something"
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Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Forward Observation Deck

Stardate: 30152.1200

The chairs in this section of the MASQUERADE DREAMS had been laid out in neat little rows to provide passengers with the best possible view of the stars which hung in the emptiness of space ahead of the Risian Cruise Liner.  The sight had been a remarkable one, but to the acting ExO / ILO it had been nothing that she had not seen a hundred time before.  A drawback of being a member of a starship's crew such as the ANUBIS, this sort of amazing display of the universe' charms had become almost routine.

Shar'El had taken position in this locale as she waited for the sensors of the ANUBIS to be recalibrated to scan for Nylaan physiology. The information provided by Doctor Mizore had been used as the foundation for these modifications which the undercover crew hoped would prove sufficient in their search for the sister of their Chief of Security.  The acting ExO / ILO had 'set up shop' here for another reason; that of being able to scan the memories of those who had come to enjoy the enchanting starry scenery.

As far as Shar'El had been concerned there had been no reason for her not to continue her search for information that could prove useful to the crew of the ANUBIS or even to the staff of the NEW ALEXANDRIA complex.  In many ways, the proper information could prove a hundred times more valuable than gold pressed latinum.  With this in mind, the Ullian woman scanned the memories of each and every passenger whom happened to enter the room, picking up with little effort their most recent recollections.

As interesting and rique as some of these memories had been, Shar'El had not discovered anything of great interest to the Intel community over the last hour or so.  Recollections of past lovers and recent steamy romantic interludes might have been interesting to some, but they had in no way drawn the raven hair woman's interest.  The acting ExO / ILO had set her aim on memories pertaining to their mission on board the cruise liner and so far she had been rather disappointed by her lack of useful information she had been able to gather.

=/\= Sensors have been modified to scan for Nylaan physiology, =/\= the Avatar on board the ANUBIS announced.  =/\= Initiating ship-wide scan of the MASQUERADE DREAMS. =/\=

=/\= How long before the entire ship has been scanned? =/\= Ya"han asked.  Although she had done her best to sound as the concerned Sec/Tac of the ANUBIS, the woman had instead come across as an anxiously curious woman searching for very specific answers about her sister.  Truth be told, the majority of the crew had been equally curious as to whether or not Ya'Jun had actually been on board the MASQUERADE DREAMS.

=/\= Given the size and complexity of the ship, it will take approximately an hour to perform a complete scan. =/\= The answer provided by ANI was quickly followed by a sigh which everyone suspected had originated from their Chief of Security.  Of all of members of the undercover team, Ya'Han had the most invested in the result of this ship-wide scan.

=/\= Patience is a virtue they say, =/\= Counselor Dalziel said, her voice filled with support and understanding.

=/\= Stay alert people, =/\= the Captain followed with.  =/\= The results of the scan may answer a few questions but it is not the final goal of our mission here.  Keep your eyes and ears open and report to ANI anything that may prove to be of interest. =/\=

Shar'El chuckled to herself as she imagined reporting some of her discoveries to the ANUBIS' Avatar.  Although ANI had been an artificial being, the acting ExO / ILO wondered if the android would actually find her report amusing or possibly even entertaining.  Short of actually testing this with a report, the raven hair woman thought it best to present the situation to the one and only expert in the field who was presently on board the MASQUERADE DREAMS; Lt. Sonja Paquette.

Seeking out the Chief Engineer would also provide the acting ExO / ILO with an opportunity to check up on their Chief of Security as they waited for the results of the ship-wide scan.  As much as Sonja had been tasked with keeping Ya'Han in close proximity it had not been a bad idea for Shar'El to check up on both of them.  With 1500 passengers and a crew of over 400, the MASQUERADE DREAMS held a great deal of potential surprises for all of them.

Tiffany Reeve

Lieutenant Commander Shar'El
Acting Executive Officer / Intel Liaison Officer