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"From Green to Red"
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Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Observation Deck
Stardate: 30152.1000

=/\= Stay put Ya'Han, I'm on my way and will be there in two-shakes of a lamb's tail. =/\=

Sonja's voice seemed almost joyous, but what did a lamb's tail have to do with any of this?  For the moment, that question would have to wait as Ya'Han had a lot more to think about and deal with than she cared to admit.  Everything around the Chief of Security seemed to come to a standstill, time itself having conspired against the black haired woman.

For a brief moment suspended in time, nothing seemed to make sense.  How could everything that she had endured to make it this far be so easily challenged and even possibly destroyed?

328 meters might as well have been 328 lightyears for the woman. Starfleet Academy did its best to get under the skin of the cadets during the four years of their training, especially those in the field of security. So the black haired Chief of Security had not been a stranger to the experience, or so she had believed.  As she thought back at what had taken place, Ya'Han had to admit that she had not at all been prepared to deal with what she had heard.

The problem had been that the green haired Nylaan entertainer had struck in a way that Starfleet Academy could never have hope to. Even the psych test, which was designed to hit at a cadet's very core, have not made the Chief of Security feel this way. Ya'Han felt emotionally weak, drained of all strength and feeling more vulnerable than she had been since her crossing into Federation controlled space over four years ago.

A part of the currently motionless woman wanted to run away, to escape back to her room so hat she could hide from not only Ye'Lan but from the entire universe. The rest of her being taunted and urged the Chief of Security to seek out the green haired woman in order to confront her and end this once and for all.  Feeling the way she was, Ya'Han wondered if maybe having accepted a position on an Intel ship had been such a great idea, her having discovered to being ill equipped to deal with this cloak and dagger world of whispered secrets.

Hiding had not been an option and neither was pinning Ye'Lan to a nearby wall demanding answers and explanations.  Both had been an ill chosen course of actions which left the woman at a lost. The best the Chief of Security could do was to try and calm herself while she waited for the arrival of ANUBIS' Chief Engineer; Lt. Sonja Paquette.

As she looked up, Ya'Han noticed that the woman in question had been more than half crossed the distance that separated them.  What surprised the Chief of Security was the manner in which Sonja moved, almost bouncing as she took each step.  The woman truly appeared unburdened by anything that had so far taken place, as if she held all of the answers.  It was unrealistic to believe that the Chief Engineer knew the answers to everything, but she definitely showed a confidence that the black haired woman felt envious about.

The fiery woman with the matching hair would hopefully find a way to help her regain control as well as offer a more suitable course of action. Neither the Pythron merchant or Nylaan entertainer could be permitted to win this, whatever all of this actually was.

"Looks like you and I just became best friends for the rest of this little three-week tour," Sonja said giggling while at the same time presenting herself as someone who cared and would be there no matter what.  "Now all we need to do is to figure out who Gilligan is," the engineer added as she took hold of the black haired woman's arm before they headed off the Observation Deck.

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Hanali Han

Ensign Ya'Han
Chief of Security / Chief Tactical Officer