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"What Next?"
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Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Observation Deck
Stardate: 30152.0940

With breakfast and everything that had taken place afterwards well behind the black haired Chief of Security, Ya'Han had decided to take a few moments for herself and enjoy some of what the MASQUERADE DREAMS had to offer.

The crew's mission on the Risian Cruise Liner had been about gathering Intel, but after having been made to be sick, brought to the infirmary and scanned from head to toe by Doctor Mizore, Ya'Han believed that she had been entitled to a little piece and quiet.  One thing for sure though, it would take a long time before the Chief of Security would go for breakfast again, regardless of where, with whom or the menu offered.

The black haired woman looked up into the darkness beyond the large transparent window overhead.  The view instantly made her smile, the stars appearing much more beautiful than she had expected them to be.  As she studied these distant twinkling lights, Ya'Han wondered for a moment if she would be able to see the ANUBIS.  The Chief of Security quickly thought of herself as being silly for thinking this, for if she had been able to see the ship, it would have been an unacceptable failure on the part of the Intel group.  As large as the ship may have been, its equipment had been designed to insure that it remained unseen and undetected by those who might have been looking for it.

Still, the black haired Chief of Security wondered if she might be able to see something that would maybe hint as to the ship's actual position next to the MASQUERADE DREAMS.  At the very least this would present her with a playful challenge, one that would help her relax and unwind.

"Are you searching for your lucky star?" a woman said as she came to stand next to Ya'Han.  As the Chief of Security turned her head in the direction of the voice, she saw with surprise the green haired Nylaan escort of the Pythroon merchant; Ye'Lan.

Ya'Han thought of confronting the woman and demanding to know the reasons why she had been on board the cruise ship as well as her association with Drask Pharren.  Such a demand made by the thirteenth daughter of the High Sovereign could not be ignored, but the Chief of Security knew that she could not play such a card.  Her decision to run away from her home had made it impossible for her to claim this right, and the situation at hand made things even more complicated.

"Just searching for answers Ye'Lan," the black haired Nylaan eventually replied, making sure to say the woman's name to inform the others that she had been right there next to the Chief of Security.  "Where is you Master?"

The question had been simple, and one that Ya'Han actually regretted asking the moment that it had crossed her lips.  As much as she might have wanted to learn more about the green haired entertainer, the Chief of Security had not wanted to do so through revealing anything about herself, or maybe even opening the possibility that she would be mistaken for someone else, like her sister.

"You seem to have a rather sharp tongue for a commoner, would you not agree?" Ye'Lan playfully said through a half grin as she touched the black colored locks resting on the woman's shoulder.  As much as Ya'Han hated to admit it, the green haired woman had scored the first points in this engagement.  As the Chief of Security for the USS ANUBIS, she knew how to fight, how to dodge and how to avoid being hit by pretty much any physical attack, unfortunately this battlefield had been a verbal one and it was perfectly clear that she had been at a disadvantage.  "To answer your question, Drask Pharren is not my Master, and like you we are searching for answers."

The smile on Ye'Lan as she looked at the black haired woman made the Chief of Security nervous, wondering as to what would be said or done next.  Instead the green haired entertainer simply nodded her head and began to walk away.  It was only after a few steps that the escort of the Pythron merchant stopped to glance back over her right shoulder and speak once again.  "To be perfectly honest my dear, black is not your color."

The words spoken by Ye'Lan hit the Chief of Security like a runaway starship and left her unable to say or do anything for several seconds until she heard another voice, one that no one else around her would be able to.

=/\= Ya'Han, is everything alright? =/\=

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Hanali Han

Ensign Ya'Han
Chief of Security / Chief Tactical Officer