"The Best Things Are Done Slowly"
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Stardate: 30152.0900

It had roughly been twenty minutes since the MASQUERADE DREAMS' Doctor had started his journey back to the Infirmary with a passenger who had suffered a 'nasty' bump on the head.  Thanks to the efforts of Ensign Stark to slow the Doctor down combined with the delay tactics used by Ensign T'Leia, the simple trip had so far taken over 20 minutes, and they had yet to reach their final destination.

=/\= That wounded puppy act is working great, =/\= Sonja said laughing through the subdermal communication network that all undercover officers of the USS ANUBIS were connected by.  =/\= Just be careful that you don't end up getting a flea shot. =/\=

=/\= That was not very nice, =/\= Eve chuckled back.  Although no one could see the shaking of the Cardassian born woman's head, the tone in the Counselor's voice had made it rather obvious.

Shar'El had wanted to say something but thought it best to keep her comments to herself for the time being.  Keeping the channel open had been the prudent thing to do, but being able to deal with this situation in a more lighthearted manner had insured that whatever stress had been created by this would not grow to becoming overwhelming for anyone.

=/\= Given some of the medications that I have seen in this infirmary, I would not be surprised if some sort of Siphonaptera treatment was amongst them, =/\= the Bajoran CMO said in a very calm and controlled manner, not having allowed her verbal report to interfere with her ongoing work.

=/\= How are the scans coming Doctor? =/\= Erik asked after a few seconds of silence. As the ANUBIS' CO it had been his ultimate responsibility to oversee the mission and its completion.  So far though the Captain had been rather happily uninvolved, glad to see everyone jumping in of their own volition to see that Doctor Mizore had as much time as she required.

=/\= Thanks to Ensign Ya'Han having been able to remain perfectly still, the scans should be completed in a few more minutes, =/\= Seska said, the intensity in her voice hinting that this had been a crucial moment in her work.

=/\= I have been keeping track of the Doctor and Ensign Stark, =/\= Ensign T'Leia cut in with.  =/\= They should be turning into the corridor leading to the infirmary in less than a minute. =/\=

=/\= Can we take a few seconds, =/\= Ensign Stark said as he continued to do his best to delay the return of the MASQUERADE DREAMS' Doctor to the infirmary.  =/\= I'm feeling a little dizzy. =/\=  After a short pause the Operations officer continued, indicating that his latest effort had failed.  =/\= Alright, since you say that the infirmary is right around that corner I will do my best to continue. =/\=

"I am guessing that the Doctor has had enough of all these delays," the Acting Exo / ILO sighed.  "Looks like we are about to run out of time."

=/\= I see them, =/\= Maya said, using those three simple words to state her intent to try and further delay the Doctor while at the same time inform Doctor Mizore that she had only seconds left before being interrupted.  =/\= Doctor, I have been waiting to see you, I have this problem that I would appreciate speaking with you about. It is not a matter of life and death, but I would feel much more at ease having your opinion on this medical matter. =/\=

=/\= Hey, no need to push.  I am the injured one here, remember, and I am moving as fast as i can, =/\= Ensign Stark said less than a second after Maya had spoken, indicating that the Doctor' patience had finally reached its limits and that he was returning to the infirmary regardless of what problems might be presented to him.

"Doctor, time's up.  Sounds like you are about to get company, like it or not," Shar'El said as she felt her own heart rate suddenly increase.  Everyone had done what they could to slow the Doctor down, but now there had been nothing anyone else could do.  Everything rested on the ANUBIS' CMO and her ability to finish this task in the next few seconds.

The deafening silence that followed made everyone nervous as they waited for someone to say something that would indicate as to whether or not the scans had been completed and if everything had been returned as is to insure that no one would suspect what had taken place.  Had Ya'Han and Seska managed to return everything to normal or had the Doctor of the Cruise Liner found them doing something that they obviously should not have been in the middle of?

=/\= Thank you Doctor, =/\= the Chief of Security said, causing a general sigh of relief to be heard through the subdermal communication network.  =/\= I am feeling much better now. Whatever you gave me seems to have done the trick. =/\=

"Well done everyone," the Acting ExO / ILO said with a glowing smile.  "Doctor Mizore, you and Ensign Ya'Han get out of there as soon as possible.  Our next step is to find a way to transmit this data to the ANUBIS without anyone else knowing about it."

Tiffany Reeve

Lieutenant Commander Shar'El
Acting Executive Officer / Intel Liaison Officer