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"Focusing On Staying Still"
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Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Infirmary
Stardate: 30152.0850

As the thirteenth daughter of the High Sovereign of NYLA IV, Ya'Han had been told countless times during her youth to remain still, either during her studies or because she had been required to be part of some important official function.  Maybe that had been one reasons among so many others that explained why she had been so ready to escape the only life she had known.

As a fugitive hiding in the darkest corners of whatever alien and far too often dirty cargo ship she could find, Ya'Han had been forced to cultivate this specific skill for her own safety.  When she found herself unable to do this simple task, the consequences were all too often quickly handed down, unpleasant and even even at times brutal.  With each failure to remain perfectly still, she had been made to pay a price, one that each time led her to learn a new way to protect herself emotionally and physically.

Once she had crossed the border into Federation controlled space and later on joined Starfleet, all of those experiences had made the decision to go into the field of Security a simple and dare she admit it, a logical one.  It had never been a prerequisite of a security officer to remain still, their skill set usually requiring them to move and act, and sometimes to do so as quickly as possible.  Survival no longer depended on her ability to remain still but rather had become dependant on her skills to strike quickly and efficiently.

"Please, do not move," Doctor Mizore sighed quietly, pointing once again to the failure of the black haired Chief of Security to remain perfectly still.  Despite her continued efforts, Ya'Han had been unable to stop herself from moving, even if only in the slightest way..  Nervousness as to them being discovered made her body twitch against her will, while memories of her earlier failures while running away from home filled her mind with memories that she had wished to simply forget.

"Maybe it would be easier if you put me to sleep," the black haired Chief of Security said.  At the very least this would insure that she would stop moving and possibly give Doctor Mizore the tranquility that the CMO so desperately needed.

"The scans require you to be awake to provide a solid reference basis," the CMO said while calibrating the instruments once again. "You being asleep for the scans would only serve if we are to be searching for another Nylaan while they too sleep."

With her idea having been dismissed by Doctor Mizore, Ya'Han did her best to clear her mind of the unwelcomed memories, focusing on each and every muscle of her body.  The woman's black hair began to turn red as she remembered her combat training at the Academy, but this change did not last long. Seconds later the red color gave way to the green of an entertainer which also soon gave way to the blue shade of science and eventually stopped on the white of medical.

It was there, in the middle of her medical training, that Ya'Han found the focus she had needed to keep her body as still as possible.  The Chief of Security could imagine the frustration of the woman standing next to her, but she figured that the CMO would be happy to trade the shifting hair color for a perfectly still patient.

There would be time enough after the scans were completed for the Chief of Security to regain her black colored hair, but for the moment the white strands resting on the pillow had been the best and most effective way for Ya'Han to help in their quest.  Hopefully this would allow Doctor Mizore to find that one specific genetic marker that would be used to find her sister Ya'Jun, if indeed she was onboard the MASQUERADE DREAMS.

The unspoken issue tough remained, did Ya'Han actually want her sister to be here?  How would they react to seeing one another and how would such a meeting affect them both in the future?

Maybe this had been a reason why the Chief of Security had found it so difficult to remain still. Maybe somewhere deep down she had feared what would come to pass should they actually find her sister.

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Hanali Han

Ensign Ya'Han
Chief of Security / Chief Tactical Officer