"Bump On The Head"
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Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Poolside
Stardate: 30152.0835

He could see so many wonderful stars twinkling all around him.  As a Starfleet officer this should not have been such an oddity, even if he had been undercover. The problem was that the OPS officer had not been looking up into the night's sky but rather at the faces of people staring down at him as he laid flat on his back.

"Do not try to get up."

Jayson had no idea who had said this but he knew that it had been best to comply.  Even with his back squarely resting against the smooth surface found all around the pool, he could feel the swaying of an invisible ocean light-years away.  For a tiny little thing, she sure packed quite a swing.

He had approached one of the ladies who had been swimming in the pool earlier.  There had been no other reason for his selection than that she had been the closest to him. That she had been gorgeous had only been a bonus. The plan had been to see if he could find out more about the event that he had been a witness to and see if he could find a way to get the MASQUERADE DREAMS' Doctor to come here.

Jayson vaguely recalled the short conversation with the bikini clad woman and how her golden hair seemed to glow of its own light.  Maybe he had said something along the lines of her hair being amazing and questioned her origins. Maybe he had made a reference to another race and the way they prized their women for having hair as bright as hers.  He could not recall the exact words that he had said, but he sure could remember her reaction.

Had the lady been a member of the ANUBIS' crew, Jayson would have made it a point to recommend her to Ya'Han as an excellent recruit for her security team. The woman possessed lightning fast reflexes and obviously a hidden strength that she had used to break a nearby pole over his head.

When the OPS officer opened his eyes once again he notice the ship's Doctor looking back down at him.  Whatever had happened, the final result had been what he had hoped for, although the sizable bump on his head had been an unwelcome addition.  Nevertheless the objective had been reached and now it had been his next goal to keep the Doctor busy for as long as possible.

"I will need to bring you back to the infirmary. Can you walk?"

Panic took hold of the man laying flat on his back.  If he answered yes, they would be heading back far sooner then he had wanted to, and if he said no the Doctor would likely call for help to have the injured passenger brought back to the infirmary.  Either way they would both be heading back and run the risk of interrupting Doctor Mizore and Ensign Ya'Han.  Jayson had to find a way to delay things as much as possible.

"I think I can walk."

Jayson's words were weak, not that this had been due to any great acting skills on his part. The blow to his head had been powerful enough that he could still see stars, but being able to stand on his own feet would insure that he would set the pace of their journey to the ship's infirmary.  Hopefully this would give the others the time they needed to complete whatever scans Doctor Mizore had wanted to perform.


Jayson Sousa

Ensign Jayson Stark
Chief of Operations