"Wandering Feet, Wandering Thoughts"
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Stardate: 30152.0815

With each passing minute more and more people emerged from their rooms to embrace the new day on board the luxury cruise liner, and the raven haired woman had decided to be amongst them.  With Ensign Mizore and Ensign Ya'Han heading to the ship's infirmary, thanks to whatever trick Lt. Commander Maya had come up with, the Acting ExO / ILO had thought it best to be out there in case some extra assistance had been required.

Without the immediate resources of the USS ANUBIS at their disposal the crew would have to rely on their skills and wits to face whatever challenge would present itself to them.  Being the highly trained Starfleet officers that they were, the Acting ExO / ILO had no worries about any of them being able to find their way out of any situation.

Shar'El began to imagine unthinkable situations that could take place on board the MASQUERADE DREAMS, most of them leaving the Acting ExO / ILO to be very thankful that the ANUBIS had been close by under armored cloak.  The Risian Cruise Liner might have been a remarkable ship, but its primary objective had been to offer all possible comforts and amenities to its guests, so medical facilities had been ill equipped to deal with any grand scale matter.

It would have been unthinkable for a Starfleet ship with a crew of over 1500 people to have only two sickbays equip with only the bare essentials, but the MASQUERADE DREAMS had not fallen under the same governing system and rules.  Shar'El had made sure that only one medical officer had been on duty at this time in the main infirmary, making it a lot easier to insure that Doctor Mizore would have the opportunity and time to perform the scans she needed.

The Acting ExO / ILO could only hope that despite the ship's infirmary not being a fully equipped medical facility that it would have what the CMO needed.  Being able to isolate a specific biological marker for a Nylaan would hopefully permit the ANUBIS sensors to see if Ya'Jan had actually been on board the MASQUERADE DREAMS.  Of course if the scan came back positive as to another Nylaan being on board, their current mission would take on an entirely new path.

For the time being though, it had been best for things to unfold slowly so as to not alert anyone as to the presence of the ANUBIS' senior staff on board and risk an incident that could quickly become problematic.

"Good morning, Miss," Doctor T'Leia said as the Vulcan / Terran hybrid came to stand next to the raven haired woman.

"Good morning to you as well," Shar'El offered in return to the newest member of the crew.  The woman appeared as anyone would have expected a Vulcan to, standing tall and proud despite her 5'6" stature.  Ensign Andromeda T'Leia radiated a sense of assurance that instantly commanded respect and the Acting ExO / ILO could not help but feel a certain level of gladness at her having been assigned to the USS ANUBIS.

The issues faced while serving on an Intel ship could prove to be far more demanding, both on a psychological and emotional level.  So it had been a tremendous asset to have someone able to have a strong control over themselves.

Being a Ullian, Shar'El could listen in on the surface memories of those within her line-of-sight, and by simple reflex the Acting ExO / ILO had allowed herself to see what had been the most prominent memories of the Vulcan / Terran hybrid.  The raven haired woman was pleasantly surprised to see calm and order reign within the aCMO's thoughts, a credit to Andromeda's self discipline and training and a source of envy for the undercover First Officer standing right next to her.

"I am currently debating between attending the Science Symposium to be held in the grand conference hall starting at 10:00 or the Risian Symphony recital which is scheduled to play 'A Wonderful Morning'." Andromeda said, her calm and logical gaze locked far ahead.  Shar'El half smiled as she understood what the aCMO had done, informing the Acting ExO / ILO of her possible plans without having actually said so.

Maybe the Ullian might make it a point to drop in on the Risian Symphony recital, the Science Symposium having been something that would have likely interested Commander Maya far more than herself.

Tiffany Reeve

Lieutenant Commander Shar'El
Acting Executive Officer / Intel Liaison Officer