"So Many Colors"
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Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Poolside
Stardate: 30152.0800

Blue. Red. Green. Black. White. Gold. Silver. So many colors and those had only been the ladies' hair.  When adding the range of skin tones, the combination had been nearly infinite.  Of course there had been the bikinis which added a whole different level with their suggestive cuts and colored designs.

Jayson had found a seat near the pool that gave him an unobstructed view of the show that he had stumbled upon.  He had still not figured out what all of this had been about or why it had taken place so early in the morning, but asking questions had not been on his mind.  Whatever guilt he might have felt had been dismissed under the reasoning that they had been sent here to observe and gather intel on anything and everything they could.  So discovering why all of these lovely ladies had come here had fallen within the jurisdiction of that mandate.

So he sat on the edge of the seat, his eyes staying on any single lady for no more than a few seconds.  For all he knew one of them could have been hiding something or had wanted to use this event to contact someone without anyone else being the wiser.

Anytime he saw someone with black hair though, his eyes stayed on them for a little longer as he confirmed with more diligence that they had not been the woman who had been in his room the night before. That she had appeared so much like Ya'Han had been surprising enough, but to have her just vanish from his room had been troubling in some ways.

The question of her identity had never been answered and this had forced Jayson to become almost fixated on locating the woman to see if she was Ya'Jun, the Chief of Security's sister.

"Enjoying the show?"

The words had been filled with an energy that only a woman could provide when speaking to a man, and Jayson found himself instantly taken by whoever had spoken even if he had not yet seen her.  When he turn, his eyes fell onto a blue skinned, white haired woman sporting a breathtaking metallic silver bikini.  Her smile had been simple but seemed to hint to something far more devilish.  All he could do was to return the smile as best he could as she walked away and rejoined the other woman who had started to line up by the pool's edge.

"Great, another woman who just left without telling me her name.  This is starting to be a bad habit."

As upset as he might have been, the OPS officer did not let this latest setback distract him too much from his 'intel gathering' assignment.  There would likely be ample more opportunities to speak to anyone of the ladies and learn more about the event that he believed had been about to start.

One by one the ladies dove into the pool following some sort of unseen signal. The choreography had been nearly perfect making Jayson believe that this could not have been a simple coincidence that all of these ladies had come here like this.

From where he sat the OPS officer could see the ladies come up for air before going back down beneath the watery surface in what appeared to be a synchronized routine.  The mixture of hair and skin color as they became visible before vanishing once again had been hypnotic. It would have been impossible for him to draw his eyes away had he wanted to, and doing so right about now had not even been a distant thought.

Whatever this 'show' had been, it had been a most enchanting one that Jayson had thought himself to be extremely fortunate to have been permitted to enjoy.  Maybe once the show would be finished he would be able to understand what this colorful display had all been about.

Jayson Sousa

Ensign Jayson Stark
Chief of Operations