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"Most Important Meal of the Day"
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Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Main Dining Area
Stardate: 30152.0750

She hated to admit it but the black haired Chief of Security had actually tuned out the woman sitting directly across from her at he table.  The explanations as to how she had found a specific detail had simply been too long for anyone to keep track of.  Ya'Han could only hope that Maya would give her some sort of warning before actually revealing this breakthrough data, if she actually did reveal it at all.

When the Chief Science Officer became silent for more than a split second, Ya'Han quickly raised her head fearing that she had missed the conclusion of the wordy explanation.  The fear had not been that the Chief of Security had missed the conclusion but rather that the Chief Science Officer might decide to start back from the beginning.  When a single whispered word was uttered by Maya, the black haired woman knew that something was up.

"Understood?" Ya'Han said, repeating the word as well as the quietly whispered tone used by Maya.

"I cannot explain at this time but I will need a few additional items from the buffet.  Stay here and wait for me," the undercover Chief Science Officer said as she stood from her chair and headed back to the buffet in a single minded attitude leaving behind a confused and puzzled Chief of Security.

Ya'Han debated contacting ANI to ask what had happened but instead she just leaned her chin on the palms of her hands, her elbows having been anchored firmly onto the table top to watch Maya as she went about her business.  Being onboard the MASQUERADE DREAMS had made the black haired woman forget for a moment her rank in comparison to that of the woman currently walking towards the buffet.  If Lieutenant Commander Maya had decided to take care of something without informing the Ensign that she was, Ya'Han had little choice or say in the matter.

No longer distracted by the seemingly endless explanation provided by the now absent woman from the table, the Chief of Security became aware of a set of eye intensely observing her every move.  It had not taken long for Ya'Han to identify the location of this scrutiny and it was with a great deal of discus that she met the gaze of the Ferengi as he stared back at her.

Instinctively the black haired woman had wanted to rush through the nearest exit, but given her current situation that option had not been a valid one.  As a member of Starfleet and of the USS ANUBIS, Ya'Han now possessed a certain protection and combat skills that she never had before when faced with a similar situation.  Beyond that, she had received a direct order from a superior officer to remain where she had been, so there had been nothing else for the Chief of Security to do but to wait.

Her hatred for a specific Ferengi as well as her wish to not become his 'property' had led to Ya'Han despising the race as a whole, but after a few moments of contemplation the Chief of Security decided to look back once again.  She had come to know a fair number of Ferengi merchants and officers during her time on NYLA IV as well as throughout her running away, and now she wondered if the one sitting several tables back might have been one of them.

Slowly Ya'Han turned and met the troll's gaze once again, his pointy teeth smile almost enough to make lose whatever breakfast she had been able to eat so far.  She smiled back and carefully studied his features before turning back satisfied that this had been the first time the exiled thirteenth daughter of the High Sovereign had ever seen him.

"Is everything alright?" Maya asked as she placed a new tray on the table, this one having a very odd selection of fruits and juices.

"Everything is fine," Ya'Han said with a sigh not truly wanting to go into the details of her personal hatred for all things Ferengi.

"Again I cannot explain at this time but I need you to do something for me," Maya said as she returned to the seat on the opposite side of the table the two women shared.

"Of course. What do you need me to do?" The black haired Chief of Security said hoping that whatever it was that she would be asked to do would take her far away from this room and the Ferengi troll that sat in it.

"I need you to eat all of these," the Chief Science Officer said as she pushed the new tray forward.  "More specifically, I need you to ingest each item one at a time starting from the upper left corner and working your way across until you reach the bottom right."

"Why do I have the feeling that I am not going to like the outcome," Ya'Han said.  She had no intention of not doing as she had been told, but the black haired woman had still wished that a little more details had been given as to why this task had been requested from her.

"It is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day," Maya said with a soft grin as she took notice of the arrival of Doctor Mizore into the main dinning area.

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Hanali Han

Ensign Ya'Han
Chief of Security / Chief Tactical Officer