"Thinking and Thinking Some More"
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Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Room 22-031 (Shar'El)

Stardate: 30152.0730

"ANI," the acting ExO / ILO said as she stood in front of the mirror located in her room.

=/\= Yes Commander, =/\= the Avatar answered through the subdermal communicator insuring that only the Ullian could hear the voice of the artificial being.

"Is Doctor Mizore awake?" Shar'El asked while her eyes studied the reflection that stared back at her with a perplexed expression.

=/\= Doctor Mizore is in her room and awake, =/\= ANI replied.  Any other officer would have likely inquired as to the reason for this request, possibly even going as far as to question the raven haired woman's health.  One advantage of the ANUBIS' Avatar had been her Vulcan-like efficiency and directness, which avoid a great deal of lost time with unneeded questions and chat.

"Good, open a communications link between Doctor Mizore and myself please," the acting ExO said before she paused for an instant and sighed at her reflection.  Ya'Han had been courageous in revealing so much about herself to the crew, a courage that Shar'El found herself envious of on many levels.  As much as the raven haired woman would have liked to continue thinking on this matter as she had been doing for a while, their mission and the needs of the Chief of Security to know the reality of their situation had taken priority.

=/\= Good morning Commander, how may I be of assistance this morning?  I doubt very much that you are going to tell me that you are suffering from some sort of space sickness.=/\= The Bajoran said, her voice having replaced that of ANI through the subdermal communicator.  Although the CMO's voice had come across as being far warmer than that of the Avatar, the acting ExO / ILO could not help but hear a distinct Vulcan tone echo in her words.

"I was thinking of a way to help locate Ya'Jan, if she is in fact on board the MASQUERADE DREAMS," the acting ExO / ILO said.  "If we limit ourselves to luck in running into her amongst the other 1500 guests, we run the risk of completely missing her during the entire three weeks of of stay here.

=/\= What did you have in mind? =/\= The CMO asked sounding interested and perplexed all at the same time.

"Why not use the ANUBIS' extensive scanning capabilities to locate any other Nylaan on board the MASQUERADE DREAMS?" the Acting ExO / ILO said, sounding almost surprised that no one else had thought of this simple and efficient method to attain their objective.

=/\= If memory serves me well, =/\= the CMO began, clearly trying to recall the details of the last medical scan performed on the Chief of Security, =/\= there are actually very few biological differences between the inhabitants of NYLA IV and most other Humanoids including Terrans. =/\=

"I was afraid you'd say something like that," Shar'El said not trying to hide her displeasure.  As much as she knew that this idea had been a long shot, the raven haired woman had still held onto the hope that this could have resolved their problem with little effort on their part.

=/\= That said, maybe I could find some sort of genetic marker or biological divergence that the ANUBIS could actually scan for, =/\= the CMO continued, her words having caused the Acting ExO / ILO to grin more than she had done since the start of this mission.

"What would you need?" Shar'El said, ready to jump into action to make the demands of the ANUBIS' CMO become a reality.

=/\= I would need to perform a complete and thorough medical examination of Ensign Ya'Han to see if there is something that we could easily use to identify her race from all others in the crowd that is present on this cruise liner. =/\= Although Seska's voice had been calm, Shar'El could not help but hear a distinct *but* hidden in her words.

"I am guessing by your tone that you foresee some complications with this plan of yours," the raven haired ExO / ILO sighed.  What could it not have been simple and easy?

=/\= Returning to the ANUBIS would risk revealing the true nature of our presence here and without any dedicated medical equipment, I would not be able t perform the required examination, =/\= Doctor Mizore explained.

"ANI," Shar'El continued, an almost evil grin having formed on her lips.  "Where is Ya'Han now?"

=/\= Ensign Ya'Han is currently in the Main Dining Area along with Commander Maya. =/\= The Avatar answered having made sure that both the Acting ExO / ILO and CMO had heard her report.

"Doctor, I think you should report to the Main Dining Area with all due haste," Shar'El said, a devious expression having engraved itself onto her features.

=/\= Why? =/\= Seska asked puzzled by both Shar'El's last words as well as the tone in which they had been spoken.

"I believe Miss Ya'Han is about to suffer from some sort of malaise that will require her to go to the ship's infirmary.  Once there, I am sure that we can arrange for you to have some quiet and alone time with the patient to perform the required examination.

=/\= On my way, =/\= the CMO said having been made to understand the plan although the actual specifics of how this plan would come to be brought into action had still been rather sketchy.

"ANI, open a link to Commander Maya," the raven haired woman quickly continued with.

=/\= Ready. =/\=

"Maya, this is Shar'El.  I know that you are in a public area but all I need from you right now is to listen.  Doctor Mizore needs to perform a few medical scans on Ya'Han to help us locate her sister through a ship wide scan that the ANUBIS could perform, but we need specific details on the biology of a Nylaan.  Doctor Mizore will escort Chief of Security to the infirmary but in order for this to work, Ya'Han will need to actually be *ill*.  I hope that you can find something in your immediate surroundings to make this happen.  To make this seem more real to everyone else, I would suggest that you say nothing to Ya'Han about what is about to happen."

=/\= Understood. =/\= Was all that the Chief Science Officer said, a short and direct answer that actually troubled the Acting ExO / ILO, the Shillian not having been known for ever being short on words. 


Tiffany Reeve

Lieutenant Commander Shar'El
Acting Executive Officer / Intel Liaison Officer