"Training Program 1-1-6"
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Stardate: 63073.2300

The SPHINX had landed in one of the PARADOX's shuttle bays without any incident and judging by the emptiness of the room, without having been noticed by anyone.  As the crew exited the mobile command unit one after the other, Adriana was reminded of a training exercise that she had taken part in while at Starfleet Academy.

In the safety of the holodeck, the cadets had boarded a starship that had fallen under the control of an unknown adversary.  The objective had been a simple one, to regain control of the ship and deal with whatever obstacles the program would see fit to throw in their path.

Although there had been many similarities between the current situation and the training program, such as the general look of the environment and the situation itself, the aCMO had to constantly remind herself that the PARADOX had not been a holodeck, and that there had been no safeties involved.  The phaser riffle she nervously held in her hands had been fully charged and set to its highest possible stun setting, a favor that those who had taken over the ship had likely omitted to reciprocate.

Slowly, quietly, Hex led the team closely followed by her father, the sight of the two Kzinti hunters side by side having been a most foreboding one to say the least.  As much as the two might have disliked or maybe even hated each other, it appeared that they had both decided to set their differences aside for the sake of the mission.  Arguing with one another would have distracted them of the real threats that could be encountered in any of the corridors, or could spring onto them from anywhere winthin the ship.

Following closely behind the Kzinti hunters Elliot and the Efrosian priest Ojall had taken on the role of information gathering, using their tricorders as well as their senses to try and obtain a better idea of their immediate situation.  This had left the Betazoid Mortina and Adriana to bring up the rear and insure that nothing would sneak up behind them.

As the group cautiously made their way through the corridors, Adriana could hear the background noises usually indistinguishable on a starship.  Like ghosts the team pressed on, not giving the slightest hint to anyone as to their presence or objective.  Adriana could not help but smile as she watched those in front of her move as silently as a cat would, the two Hunters having more than a natural ability for this for obvious reasons.

Adriana stopped when Mortina took hold of her arm, the Betazoid having telepathically sensed something.  The aCMO turned to look at the woman in the hopes that she might be able to get more details but all that the Ensign received for her trouble was a gesture from her to look ahead to the Hunters.  There she noted that the two Kzinti had taken on more defensive postures and that oddly enough Hex had appeared to be somewhat taller.

The aCMO's eyes opened to their widest as she discovered the reason for this optical illusion, the ANUBIS' Chief Security Officer having been standing on what appeared to be the body of some unspecified alien.

With a gesture of his hand the larger of the two Hunters directed the group's attention down one particular corridor while he and his daughter kept their eyes down the opposite way as if expecting someone else to stumble upon the intruders.

"I didn't even get the chance to sense that guy's thoughts," the Betazoid whispered in admiration to the aCMO as she looked at the unconscious form of the alien upon whom the smaller Kzinti had been standing on.

"She's good," Adriana stated in the same whispered voice, referring to the Sec/Tac officer knowing all too well that the Kzinti had been one to keep on your side of any conflict.  [[Too bad she was not part of that training program back at the Academy.  Might have actually made it to the end without dying.]]

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Ensign Adriana Lopez
Assistant Chief Medical Officer