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"Late Night"
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Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Corridor
Stardate: 30152.0125

The black haired undercover Chief of Security felt tired and drained.  The evening had been taxing as events unfolded to make her reveal her personal history to the rest of the crew.  Eve and Seska had made their point in that this revelation had been a good thing that with knowledge came power and that the rest of the crew would be able to help her now more than ever before.

The Chief of Security had never expected any of this to happen; not the encounter in the ballroom and certainly not her making 'a mess of scattering eatable seeds'.  Ya'Han actually grinned as she recalled the confusing expression used by Sonja, a saying that the black haired woman had not been anywhere close as to understanding how it related to her revelation.  The Chief Engineer said that she would explain 'spilling the beans' later, and Ya'Han found herself looking forward to whenever this would take place.

In the meantime she would have to deal with the facts that had been presented to her by the Ship's Counselor and Chief Medial Officer.  Events beyond anyone's control had come to pass and forced the crew of the ANUBIS to deal with a situation that no one could have anticipated. As difficult as it would be for some, namely Ya'Han, one fact had been pointed out above all others; she would not be alone to face this.

To have someone from her home world present on the MASQUERADE DREAMS had been completely unexpected.  That it seemed as if this woman had recognized the 13th daughter of the High Sovereign had been very disturbing.  Beyond this, what Ya'Han found even more troubling had been the likelihood of another woman from her world being onboard. The possibility that Ye'Lan, the green haired performer, had actually been looking for her older sister Ya'Jun had sent the runaway Nylaan into an emotional conflict that she needed to resolve.

If Ya'Jun had indeed been onboard the MASQUERADE DREAMS, this would give Ya'Han the opportunity to reconnect with a member of her family, someone that she had expected to never again see.  That simple possibility made the undercover Chief of Security smile, a smile that was unfortunately short lived as other thoughts came into mind.

The presence of Drask Pharren and Ye'Lan here on the ship meant that her father had likely sent people to find and bring his shameful daughter back.  Ya'Han understood that her ability to continue hiding from hr father would come at the price of her older sister's freedom amongst other prices that she would be made to pay.  As High Sovereign, their father needed to set examples of those who disobeyed his commands and wishes, which had been one of the many reasons why she had run away so many years ago.

To protect her sister, Ya'Han would have to make herself know to Ya'Jun, a revelation that would most likely not remain secret for any length of time.  To side with the Pythron merchant would insure the continuation of her new life but would condemn her sister to a fate that the Chief of Security had run away to escape from.

All this left Ya'Han half wishing for her sister to actually not be onboard the MASQUERADE DREAMS, allowing the Chief of Security along with her shipmates and friends to deal with the situation as best they could.  

With her head filled with distant memories of her sister, Ya'Han stepped into the room that she had been assigned to.  The soft light from he far away stars caused shadows to fill the room, hiding the form that had found its way inside.

"It's about time you show up, looks like you had a late night," a strange yet familiar voice said startling the undercover Chief of Security.  "I've been here waiting for you for quite some time."

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Hanali Han

Ensign Ya'Han
Chief of Security / Chief Tactical Officer