"The Touch"
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Setting: USS PARADOX, Cargo Bay 6
Stardate: 63073.2255

The last thing Lea remembered had been this feeling of loneliness. This questioning of decision taken long ago which had shaped her life. That was until she felt it. A strange sensation, a gentle caress on her cheek, a feeling that she had only dreamt of before. Had this been just that, a dream?

Slowly she opened her eyes and saw his. At first Lea believed that they had been those of the Oltharian but the CMO quickly dismissed that thought. As gentle as she knew Elan's touch to be, the eyes looking into her soul had not belonged to him. The only other man she could imagine acting this way had been Elliot. The COO would have never dared to hurt Aki's feeling by acting this way.

Lea closed her eyes for a brief moment. Her mind filled with questions and confusion. What had happened to her? She could recall their mission, the trade center and then the pain of her beating returned. Yes she had been beaten, severely. This explained her confused state.

Satisfied that she had found the answer Lea tried to open her eyes once more but found that she couldn't. The caress on her cheek had been so gentle, so loving that she just could not do something to cause it to end. Who had this man been and why had he made her feel this way? How could a simple touch from his fingers render her so powerless?

Dreams had never before felt so real, nor made Lea wish that it would never end. There had been something different about those eyes, something familiar. As she delighted in the sensation of his touch the CMO searched for answers. Diving deep into her memories she hunted for the answers not certain that she would actually find it. Yet something drew her into her own past.

Subconsciously Lea knew where to find what she had been searching for. The answer as to the ownership of the eyes that she had seen. The answer as to why that man's touch made her feel as it did. Images came and went at an astonishing rate as she traveled through the pages of her life. Everything stopped when she arrived at her time at the Academy. There she recalled the eyes and the touch, but in a different way.

Back then those eyes had not been filled with the passion or sorrow she had seen in them last. Back then the touch had not been as tender and loving as she now felt it to be. Something had changed but something had also remained the same. But how could this be possible? Had this truly been him and if so had he carried the torch for her all those years?

Finally Lea managed to reopen her eyes and look into those of the man kneeling by her side. Confusion formed on her face as her thoughts were confirmed. The eyes had indeed been his although aged in a way she could not imagine. The touch had also been his, filled with a love that she could not understand.

Then she felt another gentle hand taking hold of hers. Smaller, younger than the one caressing her cheek. Lea turned and saw the smile of a young boy who seemed on the verge of tears. Yet the boy did not appear sad in the least, in fact he seemed beyond happy. The woman strained to hear the word he had spoken certain that she had made a mistake. Maybe the beating had caused some sort of internal damage. Some swelling in the brain that had caused these hallucinations.

Yes, that had to be it. How else could she explain everything that she had seen? How else could she accept everything that she had felt? How else could she reason what she had just heard?

Lea once again closed her eyes as the caress on her cheek washed away all of her questions. Such peace, such affection in such a simple gesture. She felt such at ease that she did not even flinch when she heard the word spoken by the young boy again. She had not imagined it. He had said the same word only a few seconds ago with as much love as she felt through the man's touch.


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Lt. Lea Summers
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