"The Look"
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Setting: USS PARADOX, Cargo Bay 6
Stardate: 63073.2250

Adam watched as Anya attended to the injured Starfleet officer, the Arcadian being true to herself in her desires to help those in need. Things had gone from bad to worse over the last little while but fate had extended a helping hand in the form of this ship and the people that it had brought together.

"Can you get me the medical kit hidden behind the panel over there," Anya asked of Shawn who immediately did as he had been told.  The young boy had taken a liking to the Arcadian woman, that much had been easy to see, and to tell the truth Adam  had started to get used to having someone of the fairer sex around as well, if even only for a friend whose loyalty he still had not been 100% certain about.

"DAD!!!" Shawn gasped, the sound of his troubled voice having been followed by the crash of the medical kit onto the floor which drew everyone's attention onto the young boy.

Adam rushed to his son's side, fear having given him wings to travel the relatively short distance separating them in record time.  As he held Shawn the man could see a look of confusion in the boy's eyes, a look that he could not understand until her followed the frozen gaze onto the reason for the commotion.

There, resting against the crate, Adam saw something he had never expected, someone he had never dreamt of seeing again.  His hear filled with joy and his eyes with tears as conflicting emotions fought for control of his reason.  How could this have been possible?

Adam dropped to his knees and extended a trembling hand towards the partially conscious woman, his senses having solely focussed on the blonde in the dress, ignoring everything else around him.  Lost in his own mind, Ensign Russell did not even hear Anya's repeated questions which had been echoed by Captain Rikar.  How could any of them understand what he had seen?

Memories of happier times flooded Adam's mind as his fingers drew ever closer to the woman's skin, his heart racing for fear that she would vanish once they would reach their mark.  Her hair had been shorter and styled in a different way, but it had been years since he had seen her last.  Still the shape of her face, of her eyes, of her lips had been exactly as he remembered further fuelling the unpalatable thought that this had been a dream, a mistake, an illusion.  Why would the universe play such a cruel joke on both him and his son?

Adam held his breath as his fingers finally made contact and he felt the softness of the woman's skin beneath his own.  She had not vanished into nothingness, his mind had not played a cruel trick, she had indeed been there within his reach to shatter the memory of her death so long ago.

Beckoned by the tenderness of caress on her cheek Lea slowly opened her eyes to meet those of the man kneeling by her side.  As much as Adam wanted to speak, the words remained lodged in his throat, the emotions he felt having been simply too much for him to control or even comprehend.

The universe had not played a cruel joke on them, in fact it had done quite the opposite.  Lea, his wife and the mother of his child had been returned to them.

William Reeve (altrealityman@gmail.com)

Ensign Adam Russell
(in another reality)
Flight Control Officer