"Unexpected Passenger"
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Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Room 22-031
Stardate: 30151.2330

The crew had been tasked with gathering general Intel while onboard the MASQUERADE DREAMS, but Shar'El suspected that Admiral Koniki had wanted to take this opportunity to give the crew a break while performing some remote character evaluations and reviews.  At least that had been the ILO's thoughts as she shed off the ball dress that she had worn up until now.

The Black and White ball had not officially ended, but as many of those present began to leave, the ExO/ILO had seen an opportunity to escape from the event in order to think about what had happened.  In the same manner as Shar'El suspected that Admiral Koniki had alternate motives for what he had done, the Ullian considered that Drask Pharren and his escort, a green haired Nylaan woman by the name of Ye'Lan, had not come to be onboard the MASQUERADE DREAMS by mere chance.

The more the ILO thought about the way things had unfolded, the more she found herself ready to concede to the idea that this had all been a very elaborate plan, one designed to see if Ya'Han had been whom they believed her to be and if she had been alone.  Unfortunately for the undercover team, the plan had been a resounding success when considering the reaction enlisted from their target and the subsequent follow-up from not one but two other people; namely Erik Morningstar and herself.

"ANI," Shar'El said with a sigh, no longer needing to whisper when addressing the ANUBIS' Avatar.

=/\= Yes Commander, what can I do for you? =/\=

"Where are the others?" the ExO/ILO asked, hoping that there had been at least one person with whom she would be able to talk to about her thoughts on the current situation.

=/\= Ens. Ya'Han is currently in the Courtyard Gardens speaking with Ens. Mizore and Lt. Dalziel.  Ens. Stark appears to be entertaining one of the female guests on the skydome deck. Lt. Paquette is currently walking through the restricted lower decks. Captain Morningstar and Commander Maya are both alone in their respective rooms while Ens. T'Leia is, well shall we say, busy for the moment, =/\= the Avatar reported leaving out any specific details that the ILO truly did not need to know about.

"Open a link between Captain Morningstar, Commander Maya and myself," Shar'El instructed, the ExO/ILO's eyes having traveled to the peaceful stars visible from her room's window.

=/\= Link has been established, =/\= ANI reported, letting everyone know that they were now in communication with one another.

=/\= Everything alright? =/\= Erik asked, expecting the worst right of the get go.

"Everything is fine," Shar'El reassured. "I just wanted to share my thoughts with you about what happened in the ballroom with Ya'Han.  I can't shake the feeling that this was not a coincidence and that Drask and Ye'Lan played us for fools."

=/\= I would not say that we were played as such, but I do concur with Commander Shar'El in her analysis that it is very unlikely that all of this was mere coincidence.  I have been reviewing the information provided by ANI on Mister Drask Pharren and his companion Ye'Lan.  The two of them have been travelling together for quite some time, and there seems to be a specific pattern as to their selected activities.  The two of them have been going from one luxury cruise ship to the next for nearly seven months now, apparently asking a great deal of questions about a certain missing member of the Nylaan royal family, =/\= Maya said, making it clear to those listening that that research had been one of her many strengths.

"I was right, they made her," Shar'El growled at the realization that not only had the true identity of the Chief of Security been compromised, but that her not have been alone on the ship had been confirmed through the subsequent actions of Captain Morningstar and herself.

=/\= It may not be as bad as you think, =/\= Maya continued, the grin on her lips audible in her words.  =/\= I thought the same but dug a little deeper and discovered that there is another member of the Royal family of NYLA IV who went missing roughly seven months ago.  I believe that Drask and Ye'Lan are actually looking for her and not Ya'Han. According to the information I have been reviewing, Ya'Jun took advantage of a trip organized by her father that brought her very close to the Federation / Ferengi border.  Reports are rather sketchy as to what actually happened but it seems that Ya'Jun found a way to get onboard a supply shuttle and arranged to be taken into Federation space where she vanished. =/\=

=/\= Why would she be onboard a luxury cruise liner if she is trying to avoid being discovered by her father's henchmen? Wouldn't it make more sense for her to keep a low profile? =/\= Erik said, confused to an extreme.

"Maybe not," Shar'El said as she recalled some of the memories and feelings the Ullian had picked up from various people while taking part in the Black and White Ball.  "Luxury and extravagant lifestyles are a normal way of life for many who were at the ball.  Ya'Han left when she was much younger and learned to take care of herself through necessity, Ya'Jun may have never had the chance or necessity to learn these skills and is now surviving as best as she can."

=/\= So she is hiding in the only environment that she knows, one that is constantly on the move making it harder to her to be found.  At least that is what you believe is her way of thinking, =/\= Erik said thinking that this latest development would help in some way and make matter more complicated in others.

"Whether or not Ya'Jun is actually here, this is going to make things much more difficult for Ya'Han," Shar'El said.  "It might be best to have her return to the ANUBIS to avoid her running into Brask and Ye'Lan."

=/\= Although I do see the tactical problems that this situation may cause, I do not believe that sending Ens. Ya'Han away at this time is going to make things any easier.  She has just displayed an amazing amount of trust by revealing who she truly is to us, so to respond by sending her away would, in my opinion, only destroy that trust.  Also, taking into account that one of her sisters may be on the MASQUERADE DREAMS would only make sending her away that much more difficult.  Ya'Han may very well be the best person to find Ya'Jun before Brask and his escort, =/\= Maya explained, making her point all too well to those listening in.

=/\= I agree, =/\= Erik said as he cut in.  =/\= We will keep sending Ya'Han back to the ANUBIS as a final option, but for the time being we need to get ahead of those two and anyone else here looking for this Ya'Jun. ANI, we need a list of all passengers who fit the profile of this woman.  If she is actually onboard, we will need to find her quickly. =/\=

"If I may ask Captain," Shar'El sighed.  "What do we do after we find her, if she is in fact onboard."

=/\= Honestly, I have not thought that far ahead at this point.  Let's first see if she is onboard, then we can try to figure out how we will proceed afterwards. =/\=

Tiffany Reeve

Lieutenant Commander Shar'El
Acting Executive Officer / Intel Liaison Officer