"The Answer is: Doer"
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Some are meant to look up into the night's sky and dream of the endless wonders that can be found in the eternity of time and space.
Some are meant to come up with ways of exploring these astonishing wonders and bridge the gap between our world and theirs.
Some are meant to create the tools used to reach within these realms that once could only be imagined, turning dreams into reality.
Which are you? Dreamer? Thinker? Doer?
- Oltharian Proverb

Setting: USS PARADOX, Main Engineering
Stardate: 63073.2310

The Oltharian had wasted no time in getting to work on the PARADOX's systems, quickly identifying those that had been broken, sabotaged and repaired, at least to some extent. It had been easy for the ANUBIS' CEO to see that whoever had attempted to effect repairs had possessed only a basic knowledge of Starfleet Engineering. Actually the towering man had been ready to state that whoever had tried to make these repairs had in fact possessed only a passing knowledge of engineering as a whole.

On the other hand the saboteur had clearly appeared to have a more rounded understanding of Starfleet systems, able to maximise the impact of their limited time and accessibility to the PARADOX's complex systems. Of course Elan would have never openly stated this at this time, but the Oltharian had been rather impressed by the way the sabotage had been performed. Someone without a more in-depth knowledge of Starfleet engineering would have been here for hours just to figure out what systems had been tampered with. This had given the general appearance to those watching that the ANUBIS' Chief Engineering Officer had truly been the man for this job.

Within the first five minutes the gentle giant had already taken apart several consoles and removed any component that had not been part of the original construction or had been irreparably damaged through one or more means. Five minutes later, Elan had already started to replicate several of the parts needed to restore many of the ship's primary systems, such as the defensive, internal and navigational sensors.

To the guards that watched over each and every move the Oltharian made, the engineer had been complying with Vellanor's demands in a way that surprised everyone. Obviously the Vorta had held some sort of power over the giant in making him do her bidding with such haste and devotion. Logic dictated that one or more of those being held in Cargo Bay 6 had meant a great deal to the towering giant, thus insuring his dedication to his work.

To the Intel Operative who had taken position on the upper level of the room, unnoticed by any of the others including the imposing Engineer, the Oltharian had simply been doing what he had been born to do. Knowing Elan as she did, Enaii only saw a Starfleet Chief Engineer addressing a mechanical situation that had caused a starship to not perform as it had been designed to. Although the ILO had known that the captivity of their CO, CSciO and CMO had played a role in the speed of the CEO's work, his dedication to the work had been his and his alone.

As she observed the towering engineer work his usual magic, the Intel Operative quickly estimated that the PARADOX would be fully operational within the next eight hours, maybe less. This had been her timeframe to take full control of the ship away from the Vorta with the assistance of those members of the Orion Syndicate who had already been onboard.
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