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Setting: USS PARADOX, Cargo Bay 6
Stardate: 63073.2300

The young woman quickly pushed herself off the smooth hard floor of the cargo bay that she had fallen unto… the guards who had brought the prisoners to this location having thought that it would be amusing to shove the red skinned Jorelian as hard as possible making her lose her balance. As angered as the ANUBIS' CO might have been at her own treatment, Rikar had been happy to see that Maya had been spared a similar indignity… likely because she had been helping the groggy infected Rutian who had begun to regain consciousness while in the turbo life.

"Where are we?" Doctor Summers inquired, her voice trailing off in a way that clearly indicated that the woman had not fully regained all of her senses.

"We are safe," the Shillian softly reassured as she scanned the content of the room and located a small container upon which she would be able to lean the CMO against.

"That's a matter of opinion," the Jorelian freighter captain sighed as she watched the guards close the door, the subsequent sound of a force-field being activated indicated that the only access to the room had been sealed and secured. "How is she doing?" Rikar inquired as she pivoted on her heels and made her way back towards the other two women who had made themselves as comfortable as possible given their situation.

"She seems to be alright," Maya reported as she checked the CMO's pulse in the old fashion way… by delicately placing her fingers against the woman's throat. "Pulse is strong and steady, but I think it will still be a while before the effects of the sedative you injected her with wears off."

"There was not all that much choice," the red skinned woman stated with disdain. "I did what I could with what I had."

"Although her condition does seem stable," the CSciO stated as she carefully eased Lea's head down on the crate, "It would be prudent to get Doctor Summers to some sort of medical facility."

"Somehow I doubt that Vellanor is going to let us just walk out of here… even if it is to only go to Sickbay," the ANUBIS' CO said as she made her way to the force-field protected door of the Cargo Bay. "Our primary objective is to escape and gain control of this ship… everything else will have to wait."

"As you wish Captain," the Shillian acknowledge in a way that reflected far more the true personas of the two women as compared to the roles that had elected on playing for this mission.

"Captain?" A male voice echoed the shape-shifter's word, the man having found it strange that a Founder would address a Jorelian with such respect.

The young woman quickly turned to see that there had been far more people present in the room than she had initially believed… a Human male, a female Arcadian and a young Human boy who appeared to be roughly the age of the young woman's own adoptive daughter Talia.

"Sorry," Adam offered still a little cautious about stepping closer. "I wasn't sure if you three could be trusted. My name if Adam Russell, this is my son Shawn and this is Anya Green… we have been trying to delay these people from taking over the PARADOX. Are you from Starfleet?"

Rikar considered her answer very carefully given that she knew nothing about the two adults and child who had appeared out of nowhere. The fact that the guards had not seemed concerned about anyone else being in the Cargo Bay proved that it had been safe to assume that their presence had been unknown which supported the trio's claim of not having been part of the current crew.

"I am Captain Sabrina Rikar," the Jorelian woman announced. "This is my Chief Science Officer Lieutenant Commander Maya and the injured woman is my Chief Medical Officer, Doctor Lea Summers."

Without saying anything the Arcadian woman made her way towards Lea, the look on her face clearly indicated that she had wished to rendered assistance in whatever way she could.

"Are you three the only ones here?" Adam inquired, curious to know if he could officially consider the cavalry has having arrived.

"There is one other," the ANUBIS' CO stated not feeling ready to reveal the entire truth at this time. "My Chief Engineer was taken down to help fix this ship under threat of us being jettisoned into space if he did not cooperate."

"Then we have to act quickly," Adam half grinned. "An actual Starfleet Engineer will be able to get this ship back to full operational status in a fraction of the time that those ignorant fools would have taken without his help."

"I'll be happy to get out of here at your convenience," Rikar grinned as she hoped that this meant they had indeed found someone new to help them in their mission to regain control of the PARADOX."
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Captain Sabrina Rikar
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"We are Grey, we stand between the Candle and the Star, between the Darkness and the Light"
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