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"Mystery Intriguing"
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Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Crystal Ballroom
Stardate: 30151.2150

Andromeda T'Leia listened to the song, as she finished the dance with Admiral Balren.  Cloudt Eagle finished the last  note of the song, bowed and handed off his Cherokee Flute to an assistant who would see that it was returned to Cloudt Eagle's quarters.

Andromeda T'Leia thanked the Admiral for the dance, and made her way to the butterfly arboretum, just off the main ballroom, she stood watching the various butterflies, she opened the doors and walked into the large expansive arboretum, touching the flowers and looking as Butterflies landed on her arms.  She gracefully continued to walk around the plant filled butterfly area.  Her dress crystals tinkling with a lovely song as she moved, her crystal clear heels tapping a song of their own on the floor.

Serron soon found her.  He walked along with her, neither exchanged words, 'No Words' were necessary between them.  As they walked, watching the butterflies and listening to the music, suddenly there was a rather bright light that shown briefly inside the arboretum.  Andromeda T'Leia looked up at Serron whose finger was in front of his lips in the silence position.  She nodded as they stood perfectly still.  

It was as if a fairy or elf arrived, the butterflies all hovered near the light and the one drenched in the light, it was a warmer golden light now, and the being in it was so lovely, wings that were see through, the long long platinum hair streaming along as the creature danced with the butterflies.  Andromeda T'Leia stood fascinated by it.  As did Serron.

Wilton Cloudt Eagle made his way slowly around the ballroom seeking his friends, he also had seen a bright light he made his way silently to the Butterfly Arboretum and opened the doors quietly, stepping inside he watched as the Goddess of the room, flew along with the butterflies and danced among the roses.  Cloudt Eagle watched with a smile on his ruddy face, she was bewitching and wondrous, and something more...

Renda Carr

Andromeda T'Leia
Assistant Medical Officer/Research and Development
NCC 18501