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Setting: Unknown Transport Vessel
Stardate: 63073.2230

The young woman sat on the hard bench, her emerald green eyes darted from one guard to the next with the occasional pause on the members of her crew who had also been on the transport. Past, present and future had been forced to meet in this region of space placing the safety of the galaxy and every sentient life form contained within it in danger… yet the Jorelian freighter captain could only focus her thoughts on one question. What had Enaii been up to?

Sabrina had never fallen prey to the idea that her life-mate had betrayed the Federation… as dark and cold as the ILO had been, one characteristic held beyond all others; her loyalty to those she cared most about. Since the list had been a rather short one, it had been easy to deduce that the Intel Operative had figured out a plan to get them all safe and sound onto the PARADOX in order to complete their mission.

The only issue had been that the plan in questions had been known to the ILO alone… a fact that unfortunately had made helping or even going along with it slightly more difficult for the rest of the undercover away team members currently onboard the transport vessel.

A loud noise echoed through the ship before the sound of the engines subsided indicating that the transport vessel had arrived at its destination. The young woman glanced at Enaii to see if the ILO had any instructions but all that Sabrina received was a cold, icy glare.

"Alright," Vellanor announced as she stepped into the room where the Vorta's guests had been kept safe and out of the way by the numerous guards. "Take the tall one to Engineering and put him to work," the Vorta commanded as she waved a casual hand in the Oltharian's direction. "Take the others to one of the cargo bays that has access to space," the Dominion's Lieutenant continued before she turned back to face the still sitting giant. "Do as I ask, fix this ship, or she and the others die a most gruesome death… it is very cold in space and I am sure that you do not want their blood on your conscience," the woman concluded with as she ever so gently caressed the cheek of Doctor Summers who had still been unconscious in the giant's arms.

"What about us?" Natalie Portree, better known as Ensign Eve Dalziel to her fellow shipmates of the USS ANUBIS, inquired not entirely certain that her group, sitting on the other side of the small room, had been included in the Vorta's order to the guards to be escorted to one of the cargo bays.

"You, your Romulan associate and your Ferengi friend will be coming with me," Vellanor stated in a rather pleased manner. "There is something I want to show you."

Eve and Akira watched, along with Caden, as the others were escorted off the transport by the armed guards, each and every last one appearing as if they had been ready to fire at a moment's notice. Once the first group had disembarked, Vellanor took the lead and instructed Sumarris and the others to follow, which they all did without question.

Oddly enough Enaii had been left alone in the transport vessel to disembark at her leisure and venture into the PARADOX without as much as a guard by her side.

Setting: USS PARADOX, Deck 1, Observation Lounge
Stardate: 63073.2245

The journey to the command deck of the ship had been a rather quiet one, no one daring to inquire as to what the Vorta had wished to show them, all having feared in one way, shape or form what this revelation might be.

As the group entered the room, Vellanor invited her guests to take a seat hinting by her demeanour that this would be an important display. As the Human pirate, Romulan civilian, Ferengi entrepreneur and Selay priest each took a seat, the Vorta grinned at the nearest guard who responded by depositing his Cardassian-made disrupter riffle on the table in front of the woman.

"Only a fool would believe that someone does not have an ulterior motive to do what they do," the Vorta began as she lowered herself into the seat at the end of the table, the one usually occupied by the ship's commanding officer. "Even a slave does what he is told, not because he wants to but because he has some reason unique to him or her. Take that giant you saw in the transport vessel… he will do what I asked, not because I was polite or because he has a need to help others, but because he wants to make sure that his friends remain safe. Understanding the reason why people do what they do gives you power over them," Vellanor added before she paused for a moment and met the eyes of each of her guests.

"So you want us to tell you our personal reasons as to why we need transport away from this forsaken place," Natalie chuckled dryly, half hoping that this had been as simple as she had said.

"Not at all," the Vorta replied, the smile on her lips having grown to more than twice its original size. "I already know *why* you are here, or at the very least have a general good idea. You are a backwater mercenary dealing in small time deals and figured that this was a golden opportunity to score big. Likely you got this idea from your Romulan friend there who is either an exiled Tal Shiar operative, or a member of the Romulan council who has fallen in disfavour with those around her. The Ferengi is the easiest of you all to figure, his entire species being motivated by a single thing… greed, and the simple idea of this ship would have been enough to draw his type here."

"Then why have you brought us here?" Akira inquired in as calm a manner as she could, doing her best to appear as an unconcerned Romulan with nothing to fear.

"Because," Vellanor replied, her tone having suddenly shifted from easy going confident to angered in the blink of an eye. "I can't stand being lied to," the Vorta added as she quickly took the disruptor riffle into her hands and pointed it in the general direction of her *guests*.

Everyone held their breaths for those eternal seconds before the Vorta pressed the trigger and fired an energy discharge at one of the four sitting aliens. Set at its highest possible setting, the weapon reduced its target into nothingness but not before a ear-perceive hiss of agony filled the room.

Eve, Akira and Caden looked at each other, stunned and fearful that they would soon be made to follow the Selay into an early grave, but instead the Vorta tossed the weapon back to the guard and smiled at her three remaining guests.

"This ship," Vellanor offered with a pleased expression on her face, "is meant to return the Dominion to its rightful place in the galaxy, not to be used to restore some insignificant religious order that would have been made to either submit to the Dominion or be destroyed by it."
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