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Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Crystal Ballroom
Stardate: 30151.2150

The redhead engineer held the still trembling hands of the black haired Chief of Security waiting for some sort of explanation as to what had happened.  Captain Morningstar and Lt. Commander Shar'El had gone searching for the green haired woman but their finding her had only raised more questions.

Who was Drask Pharren and what had been his connection to Ye'Lan and through her what had been their interest in Ya'Han?  Those questions had the reason why the Chief of Security had been in such a state, something that had required a lot of effort and time from Sonja to gradually undo.

"Feeling better now?" the redhead asked, glad to see that the woman's black hair had remained as such for a while now.

"Yes, thank you," Ya'Han said slowly as she tried to hide her shame.  Never had the Chief of Security expected to lose control to such an extent of her ability to change her hair color, an ability that would easily enough identify her origins and status.  "I'm sorry for what happened."

"No worries," Sonja smiled as she tapped the back of Ya'Han's hands, "although it would have been interesting if we had started dancing on the tables.  It would have made this ball to be something a lot more interesting for a lot more people I suspect."

Ya'Han actually laughed, even if only momentarily, a reaction that the Chief Engineering Officer had been more than happy to see.  Laughter had been something impossible to genuinely fake when faced with a stressful situation.  "I doubt the Captain would have been overly pleased with such an unexpected display, regardless of the reasons," the Chief of Security said through a weak grin.

"Maybe," Sonja nodded enthusiastically, "but it would still have been something fun to do, if only to see everyone else's reaction.  I see way too many stuck-up and over serious people in this room.  Now, by the way, you owe me an explanation.  I may not need to have all of the details, but it would be nice to know a few things, like where did you learn that 'rainbow-hair' trick of yours."

The black haired woman sighed.  She knew that sooner or later she would have to let those of the ANUBIS' crew know about who she really was, but never had Ya'Han expected it to be so soon and in such a public venue.

"ANI," Ya'Han said under her breath, "please relay to everyone."

=/\= Ready when you are. =/\=

"Ya'Han here, sorry for cutting in on your current discussions and activities but I believe that I owe you all an explanation.  I always thought I needed to keep this secret to myself, to make it easier on those around me, but it is clear that this secret is only going to make things complicated," the black haired woman said before she paused for a moment.

=/\= Take your time, there is no one rushing you, =/\= the voice of Eve Dalziel came over the subdermal communicator, the Counselor always being ready to help someone in need.

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Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Crystal Ballroom, another section
Stardate: 30151.2155

Although he had been surrounded by several women, each one possessing their own unique charms and allure, Jayson's attention had turned towards the woman who's voice he had been the only one that the table able to hear.

=/\= I am Ya'Han, thirteenth daughter of the High Sovereign of NYLA IV, =/\= the black haired woman admitted as she focussed on keeping her hair the color that it had been.  =/\= At the age of 14 I was betrothed to help solidify my world's economical ties, but being unable to abide by my father's wishes I ran away leaving everything that I knew behind. =/\=

=/\= NYLA IV is a world deep inside Ferengi controlled space, =/\= the Chief Science Officer said from her location on the upper balcony.  =/\= Your escape out of area of space and into Federation space could not have been an easy one. =/\=

=/\= It was not, =/\= Ya'Han said, the trembling in her voice hinting to some of the nightmares she had endured along the way. =/\= I had hoped that my being so far away from home and in Starfleet would offer me some security from my father's wrath.  Although it has been nearly ten years since I ran away, I am always worried that he may have sent people to look for me, and possibly to even punish me for what I did. =/\=

Jayson's initial reaction had been to jump to his feet and rush to Ya'Han's side to offer comfort and support, but the Chief of Operations quickly remembered where he had been and how he and a select few others had come to hear the woman's confession.  

"Is everything alright darling," one of the woman sitting at the table asked of the only man there, "you suddenly seemed troubled by something."

"Just thinking about a few things, nothing of importance," Jayson answered as he returned his attention to the table where he had been sitting.  The woman who had noted his distraction, a young and charismatic silver haired enchantress he had come to know simply as Lady Heliwr quickly looked down the direction where he had been looking.

"Do find her more interesting than us, than me?" the Lady asked, a challenge tone in her voice.

"What? No! Who?" Jayson stuttered in his defence.

"The lady with the black hair over there, the one sitting next to the redhead," Heliwr explained through a half grin.  "Do you not find me more interesting than her?  She seems troubled and you have no need of trouble or do you?  I could be troubled and needing the help of a kind and strong man like yourself," the Lady said as she ran her hands over the full length of the man's arm, insuring that his attention remained on her and only her.

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Hanali Han

Ensign Ya'Han
Chief of Security / Chief Tactical Officer