"Looking For Answers"
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Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Crystal Ballroom
Stardate: 30151.2140

There had been no doubts that something had severely troubled Ya'Han.  Anyone with the slightest telepathic ability would have felt the mental distress that had been so openly broadcasted, but it was only because Shar'El knew the raven haired woman that allowed the Ullian to be able to pick up on who this disturbance had originated from and why.  A quick scan of the memories of the Chief of Security had made it clear that the woman with the green hair had been at the center of this, and therefore needed to be sought out so as to uncover the reason and possibly a solution.

ANI had been unable to help in tracking the whereabouts of the mysterious woman leaving the ExO/ILO to go about the search in a much more direct manner.  The more people would be involved in the search, the greater the odds would be of finding her, so Shar'El figured it best to start at the top and enlist the assistance of the ANUBIS's own CO.

After having joined forces with Erik and received input from their Shillian 'eyes-in-the-sky', the duo headed for Ensign T'Leia and company in hopes that one of them had seen something. Along the way, the now First Officer of the ANUBIS kept glancing back at the table where the troubled raven haired woman sat along with the red headed engineer who seemed to be offering a great deal of support.  Shar'El knew that in the care of Sonja, Ya'Han would be safe leaving the ILO to pursue her quest for the woman and the answers she held.

With the Captain by her side, the two of them sought out the help of Ensign T'Leia who had been heavily involved in the organization of the event and hopefully would be able to assist in their search in a way that no one else could.  Through one of the aCMO's acquaintance, namely a gentleman by the name of Wilton Cloudt Eagle, the pair of undercover officers were pointed in the direction of the woman in question.  That the green haired woman had been holding on to the arm of a tall blonde man only further fueled the ExO/ILO's interest.

With everyone's attention suddenly directed unto the unexpected native flute music that filled the ballroom, Erik and Shar'El were provided with a golden opportunity to close the gap to their intended target.  Withing only a few seconds, the duo had cut the distance by more than half, leaving them with some certainty that they would soon resolve this mystery.

As she hung to her protector's arm Ye'Lan looked back and appeared not at all surprised to see a couple of people heading in her direction, as if all of this had actually been expected.  Just as Erik and Shar'El closed in on the tall blonde man and his green haired escort, a pair of muscular Hupyrian bodyguards stepped up and blocked the duo's path.

In order to avoid any sort of confrontation, and mostly to not risk drawing far more attention than needed, the undercover pair took a step back without saying a word.

"Looks like we will have to wait to get the answers you were hoping for," Erik quietly said as he turned to face his acting First Officer.

"ANI," Shar'El whispered as she turned away as if wanting to look at those on the ballroom's dance floor.  "Tall, blonde hair humanoid with a pair of Hupyrian bodyguards.  We need to know who he is."

=/\= There are several high ranking officials who are currently on board with their entourage and who fits the given general description,=/\= the Avatar replied so that both the ExO/ILO and CO could hear. =/\= Luckily there is only one listed with a pair of Hupyrian guards.  His name is Drask Pharren, a wealthy Pythron merchant with a taste for exceptionally rare and exotic items. His reputation within the Ferengi Alliance is that he is capable of finding things what no one else can. =/\=

"So what is the connection between them and Ya'Han?" Erik softly asked as he leaned in closer to Shar'El who had turned her attention to the table where the raven and red haired women had still been sitting.

"I don't know," the ExO/ILO sighed as she looked directly at the troubled black haired undercover Security officer, "but I think it is time for us to find out more about what is in Ya'Han's past."

Knowing that his presence would only complicate matters, Erik remained behind and watched as Shar'El made her way back to the table where Sonja and Ya'Han were sitting at.

Tiffany Reeve

Lieutenant Commander Shar'El
Acting Executive Officer / Intel Liaison Officer