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Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Crystal Ballroom
Stardate: 30151.2145

The atmosphere within the Crystal Ballroom had been in many ways magical, the room itself appeared as if it had been plucked from someone's dreams and the music had been beyond enchanting.  It had been made perfectly clear to everyone present as to why the ship had been named as it was as illusions and reality came together to create this dreamy place.

For the Native American this had been a perfect chance to unwind and forget, even if only for a few brief seconds, the universe of conflict that surrounded them.  For this evening he would be nothing more than a man doing his best at enjoying the moment, all of this while never truly forgetting his responsibilities as the Commanding Officer of the USS ANUBIS.

The man's smile wavered slightly as he noted a certain undercovered black haired acting ExO heading towards him.  ANI had not reported anything, so Erik could only guess as to the reason behind the woman's obvious move.

"Is everything alright Miss?" The Native American inquired of Shar'El as she came to stand right next to him, the undercovered CO trying his best to maintain the illusion of them not having actually known each other.

"I am sorry," Shar'El beamed back, conveying that everything had been alright while still requiring her superior's input if not assistance.  "I was just looking for someone.  A green haired woman."

Erik raised an eyebrow to display his surprise at the statement.  "Maybe we could find someone to assist you in your search," the Native American added knowing very well that ANI had been listening in.

=/\= Lt. Commander Shar'El already asked me to locate the person in question, but unfortunately the ANUBIS was never expected to keep track of all 1500 passengers, only the Senior Officers.  Given that I have no other information other than her gender and hair colour the search has been rather difficult to complete, =/\= the Avatar stated, her words having been transmitted to the CO and ExO only.

As the Native American glanced at the upper balcony level, Erik noted a familiar face amongst the crowd.  "ANI, Maya," the CO whispered to no one in particular although his First Officer heard the names and quickly understood what he had intended on doing.

=/\= Lt. Commander Maya, we are currently in search for a green haired woman who was in the Crystal Ballroom not long ago,=/\= the Avatar relayed to bring the Chief Science Officer up to date.

From the main floor, both Erik and Shar'El could see Maya scanning the room's occupants with her eyes before she shook her head.  =/\= Maybe Andromeda, =/\= the Chief Science Officer offered having spotted the aCMO in a location that might have permitted her to notice the woman in question.

=/\= Ensign T'Leia is 62 meters away heading 277 mark 0, =/\= the Avatar reported sending the two undercover officers to seek out the help of the newest member of their crew.


Andromeda T'Leia waited for Serron to return with their drinks, she shook hands and talked small talk with Ball guests, turning around as she heard her name.  She nodded politely to two of the ANUBIS' officers.

"Good evening Miss," the Native American offered as he added a deep bow of respect.  "I was hoping that you might be able to help this lady," Erik offered as he invited Shar'El to step up.

"I was hoping that maybe you or one of your acquaintances might have see a green haired woman who had been here not long ago.  I seem to have lost track of her," Shar'El explained as best she could while trying to maintain the premise of them not belonging to the same crew and on a mission of Intel gathering.

Andromeda T'Leia looked up as Wilton entered, he looked handsome in his tux, hair pinned up behind his back, the lack of Eagle feathers in hair.  He bowed and said.  "Please excuse my tardiness, I had some business to tend. "  He looked around at the question of Green Haired Woman.  "I did see a very pretty Green Haired lady she just departed the buffet table, over there."  Wilton Cloudt Eagle pointed to the back of the green haired lady, she was on the arm of a tall blonde gentleman.  

T'Leia introduced Wilton to Erik and Shar'El,  "I would like to present to you both, Wilton Cloudt Eagle."  She decided that ranks were left at the doors tonight.    Wilton nodded to Shar'El and Erik,  "It is a pleasure to meet you." 

Serron looked around , Rommie could tell that his, keen senses were in full gear.  His eyes alert and his senses all honed in on objective.

T'Leia looked around as Admiral Balren tapped her shoulder and said.  "Ah, my dear you owe me that dance."

She curtsied and he took her gloved hand, leading her to the dance floor.  Serron and Wilton, looked at the other, then proceeding to a secret agenda.  As they passed by two lovely ladies, data chips were passed to them; discreetly, they placed them into their jacket's hidden inner pockets.  

The orchestra leader, a little late to start the next dance due to having to procur the Native American flute for Wilton.  Handing it to Cloudt Eagle he made his way to the dias and tapped the music holder in front of him and said.  "Ladies and Gentlemen for your pleasure, Cloudt Eagle playing his Native Flute and a song that he wrote,  "Nebula Romance."  with our orchestra accompaniment.

Wilton stood on the solo artist spot and begin the opening bars of the song.  Andromeda T'Leia turned in Admiral Balren's arms, she knew this song, it was her song.  The other title for it was Andromeda T'Leia's Theme.  She danced slowly with the Admiral, Serron looked on, raising an eyebrow he made his way to his seat and sat down, several lovely ladies joined him, he nodded politely and ordered drinks for them all.

Renda Carr

Ensign Andromeda T'Leia
Assistant Chief Medical Officer