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~~~ Marissa's post ~~~

"Brace yourselves!" Elliot called out as the SPHINX was sent into a hard, sharp turn to avoid impacting against a rapidly moving asteroid. Mortina and Adriana found themselves plastered to one of the walls of the rear section and before either one of them had been able to get back onto their feet, the Efrosian priest had appeared and offered a helping hand, one that the Betazoid accepted with joy as well asflustered red cheeks.

Adriana sighed once more at the romantic air that had filled the room despite the situation, one that had likely been about to become much worst thanks to the fact that Hex had been thrown onto Grex following the COO's emergency maneuver.

~~~ And to mine ~~~

A mere twitch of the ear signaled her discomfort before Hex was pushed back up, not too gently, into a sitting position. Her ears pinned to the sides of her head, the younger Kzinti hissed under her breath as she stumbled for something to hold onto that wasn't covered in dark fur.

"A little more warning next time would be appreciated Elliot... " Hex growled, smoothing out her fur and trying to look anywhere but at the imposing figure of Grex.

"Sorry about that... this signal is hard to follow since it continues so far into the field." the Ensign grumbled, his full attention back on the monitors in front of him.

Grex had rose to his feet and was standing posed for another maneuver, his feet wide apart and crouching down. Hex stayed on the floor and examined the room once over quickly, noting that the blushing Betazoid and gallant Efrosian unharmed as well as Adriana.

"You should have been ready for that." Grex stated bluntly, keeping his eyes straight ahead though obviously meaning to direct the comment to the younger Kzinti huntress.

"I should have been ready? What about you *oh great bounty hunter*? What's your excuse?" Hex hissed, an annoyed undertone creeping into her words.

Thinking fast, Adriana stepped back a few paces, lending the two Kzinti's space as the atmosphere around them became more heated. Hex had stood, moving so her back was to the wall and was glaring at Grex menacingly, which he returned in kind.

"You have a sharp tongue for such a small, unimposing warrior," Grex noted absently, grinning venomously as he watched Hex's features turn dark with rage.

"I may be small, but I can take on as many opponents as you'd like to throw at me." the Kzinti woman growled, notable to ignore the obvious height differences between her and the bounty hunter.

"How about one of your own kind?" Grex challenged, changing his stance from neutral to defensive in a single fluid movement.

"Gladly." Hex grinned, raising her hand to strike out at the elder Kzinti.

"HEX! This isn't the time or place to be doing this, we're on a mission remember?" Adriana cried, grabbing hold of the Ensign's arm and rooting herself down so as not to be pulled up from the floor.

Hex visibly calmed as the elderly priest placed his palm on her shoulder, nodding his agreement to the aCMO's words.

Mortina smiled warmly, nodding her agreement as well. The younger Kzinti sighed deeply before turning around sharply and, placing her back between her and Grex, walked over to Elliot.

"What's your problem?" Adriana commented, watching her friend stalk off, "She's your daughter right? Why are you so distant from her?"

"I don't think that's any of your buisness." Grex hissed, moving back to place his back at the wall again.

"It is when you start fights on a ship I'm standing in. You could have hurt someone fighting here." the aCMO stated, waving her hand toward the other passengers while glaring at the imposing figure of the Kzinti bounty hunter.

Leaning in close, Grex growled deeply. An icy chill swept over the aCMO as he stalked a step closer. "And what makes you think that I would care for anyone, or anything, within this ship?" the Kzinti spat, his body tensing.

"I know you care about Hex. You did carry her all the way to the temple when she was hurt... " Adriana recalled, backing away slightly and trying to swallow the lump that had formed in her throat.

Grex paused a minute in his advance, his eyes darting in the direction of the mentioned Starfleet officer before he straightened and moved away. His ear twitched ever so slightly, but he remained silent.

Mortina smiled slightly, somewhat blushing as she realized the Efrosian priest standing so close to her. Adriana moved to her side, winking at her playfully before moving past towards Hex.

"I'm telling you there's something wrong with the signal!" Elliot claimed loud enough for the entering aCMO to hear.

"And I'm telling you that if we slow down to fix whatever it is we might lose everyone." Hex stated calmly, watching the monitors with keen, though unfocused, cat-like eyes.

"If we're following a decoy we'll only lose them twice as fast!" the COO noted, dodging past yet another flying piece of space debris.

"What's going on?" Adriana questioned, taking a place beside Hex to better view of the screen.

"That signal has been on a steady course and speed since we have been tracking it. Which means it's most likely a decoy." Hex noted, pointing to the monitor.

"WHAT?!" Grex bellowed, "WE'VE BEEN FOLLOWING A DECOY?!"

"What are we going to do?" Mortina asked, moving forward to get a better look as well.

"I... I don't know... " Hex answered glumly, staring hard at the screen as Elliot continued his piloting.

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