"A Garden of Crystals-A time to dance."
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Setting: MASQUERADE DREAMS, Crystal Ballroom
Stardate: 30151.2100

Andromeda T'Leia, made her way to the main balcony stair case, her white gown snowfalls with the matching crystal tiara, elegantly designed by one of her favorite earth designers,  La' Troi.  She smoothed the skirt down with her silken gloved hands, and waited for the powdered wigged Announcer to annouce her formally into the ball.  

"Hear ye!  The Lady Andromeda T'Leia, chairperson of our board, and tonights Queen of the Roses."

Andromeda's eyebrow raised at that announcement.  The court arrived with her cape of the Roses and her bouquet of miniature yellow roses that the court maiden tied to her wrist with white ribbon.  

"Thank you,"  she said politely to her court.  She walked down the stairs slowly, nodding politely to everyone as she descended the stairway.  At the bottom, her escort waited to turn as she stepped onto the ballroom floor.  She made that final step and the escort turned around, she looked up into familiar eyes.  

Her escort extended his gloved hand and said.  "Your Grace, may I have the honor of this dance?"  Serron's blonde hair looked like golden wings in the ballroom lighting his black tux perfection.

She bowed slightly and said.  "You may."  Her hand slipped into his, he lead her to the dance floor as a waltz began.  Serron looked down at her as they danced and her gown floated as if on air around the room.  "You look very beautiful tonight, Rommie."  She looked up into the kind eyes and the handsome face of a dear friend, one that she had known for years and yet he still had that tiny devilment about him, half Vulkhunsu and half Human, Serron had many a Lady chasing him throughout his life, and yet he had not given his heart away to any of them, just yet....  

Andromeda T'Leia danced on with Serron she nodded politely to some of her new Crewmates and she nodded to Admiral Balren and Lady Balren;  her heart seemed to beat faster than normal.  Serron's close presence could definitely make the heart speed faster.  

As the waltz came to a close, she ended with a dip and then the raise slowly, her face up turned, she saw something of a glimmer of mischief in those eyes of Serron, her friend.  She blushed slightly, as they walked off the dance floor, to meet and greet guests and make certain that everyone had their favorite drink and plenty of party treats to munch on before the dinner.

Serron leaned in and whispered.  "Have I told you that you look like a Angel tonight?"  She blushed again and replied.  "No, but you may continue."  

They walked around shaking hands with Brass, and with High Ranking Civilians, Andromeda T'Leia also took note of the silent auction bidding that supports the Childrens Charities, something close to Lady Balren's heart.

As they walked and talked, Serron whispered.  "Wilton will be here soon, he had something to tend before arriving.  Just incase that is who you are looking for, Rommie."

She looked up at Serron and replied.  "Oh Serron, if I were looking for him, I would find him."

Serron stood looking at her emotionless face, raising an eyebrow he said.  "I see, well in that case, a dance my Rose Queen.

The Tango, a favorite of Serron's.   Andromeda T'Leia, stepped into place,her fan extended hiding her lips.  His keen step up and then the music started and they began their dance apart the alluring, and ever so sexy dance of Tango.  He embraced her in his arms, her waist so tiny that his large hand seemed to over take the small of her back.  She stepped to his lead, the dance a very very visually romantic encounter.  One of the Admirals remarked.  "Who said Vulcan's did not know how to dance?  Well, they don't know what they are talking about."  He clapped, as Serron and Rommie danced by...

As Serron lead her into the final step and into his arms again.  Music ceased, she he looked down at her and, gently whispered.  "The Admiral is correct, isn't he my Rose?"

Andromeda T'Leia nodded, slightly out of breath she replied in a whisper.  "Definitely, Serron.  Definitely."

They left the dance floor and Serron procured two glasses of Janovian Solar flares, they sipped the cold sweet drinks, and walked around the ball room.  The crystals on her gown made musical noises as she moved.  Serron nodded and greeted other guests, and gave compliment to the Ladies.

The Alcove off the Ballroom:

Serron whisked Andromeda T'Leia off to the private alcove for a moment.  He watched her face as the crystals from the ceiling with the lights making snow like prisms of light upon her face.  "You look like a Goddess tonight.  A very beautiful Goddess."

She blushed and said.  "I am just a mortal, nothing Goddess like about me."  He drew her closer and whispered.  "Never will you make me believe that statement, Rommie."

She could feel his cheek against her's she could also feel the strange feeling of lightheadedness at his being so close.  

"I am fortunate to have such an agreeable escort."  She whispered back to him.  Her eyes looking up at him as if he were the only man around.  

Serron raised a blonde eyebrow and said.  "Perhaps, I shall take you away from all of this, to some deserted Monastery where no one can find us."

Renda Carr

Ensign Andromeda T'Leia
Assistant medical Officer