"Out of Reach"
(Cont. from "Following")

Setting: Unknown Transport Vessel
Stardate: 63073.2150

Saaki, or to those who knew her better as Aki, sat next to her teammate, both of their eyes locked on the beaten form of Doctor Summers held within the caring arms of the Oltharian.

"We need to help her," the aCSciO whispered to Natalie Protree, also better known as Eve Dalziel, the ANUBIS' own Cns.

"We can't," Eve whispered back, her hand having taken a hold of the troubled Asian's arm to insure that she should not do something impulsive.  The Cns had also wanted to cross the small room and help the CMO in whatever way she could, but the half dozen armed guards around them had made this impossible.  Their presence hadalso made Eve remember her own words which she had spoken to Aki when they had arrived at the trade center.  [[If anything happens to me, your only obligation is to save yourself and complete the mission. Don't try to be a hero. The needs of the many far outweigh the needs of the one.]] Strangely though, the space pirate had not felt as strongly now as she had then; not now that it had been Lea's life on the line instead of her own.

"Please," Captain Rikar pleaded to the nearest guard.  "Let me at least give her something for the pain."

The guard huffed and smiled as he looked at the bruised and bloodied woman in the arms of the giant.  As far as he had been concerned the Rutian had gotten exactly what she had deserved and his employer had not mentioned that empathy had been part of his duties.

"There is no profit in letting a prisoner die," Calen said as any self respecting Ferengi would.  "In fact I suspect that your Vorta friend might actually be rather upset if it happened, and frankly I wouldn't put a single slip of latnium on your odds if she lost a bargaining chip.  Your boss strikes me as the type to get even, not angry."

After having considered the Ferengi's words for a few moments the guard reached for the nearest med-kit and tossed it into the hands of the Jorelian freighter captain who immediately went into action.

While Captain Rikar addressed the injured CMO, Aki and Eve turned their attention onto the now smug looking Ferengi who had crossed his arms and leaned back against the bulkhead in as a relaxing posture as he could manage given the accommodations.

"That was," Natalie began then paused as she carefully searched for a word to accurately describe what she felt in regards to the Ferengi's actions, "unexpected.  I never expected you to be the *caring* type."

Caden offered a toothy smile to the space pirate and leaned in closer while keeping his eyes on the civilian dressed Romulan sitting on the other side of Natalie.  "The universe is full of surprises, and opportunities," he stated as he gently rubbed a finger against his lob.

Once Caden had returned to his original sitting position it was Saaki's turn to lean in towards the space pirate.  "What was that all about?" The ANUBIS' aCSciO asked in a whispered voice.

"I'm not entirely certain," Eve replied wish a faint sigh.  "And to tell you the truth that's what is bothering me the most right now," the Cns added as she shot a quick sideways glance at the Ferengi who appeared now more conceited then ever before.

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