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Setting: YUDARA Asteroid Field, Planetoid, Trade Center
Stardate: 63073.2130

The young woman did her best to keep an eye on the ANUBIS' CEO and CMO despite the repeated pushes she had been the target of… the thugs who had been escorting them having apparently taken a liking to shoving the Jorelian freighter captain. There had not been an opportunity to check on Doctor Summer's condition since her brutal beating and the red skinned woman could not take the chance to enlist the wrath of the Vorta by stopping. Given the current mood of Vellanor it had been easy to imagine that any deviation from the current timeframe could prove to be fatal for one or more members of the undercover team.

For the time being Rikar had no other option but to accept that the fate of the Rutian-looking woman had been in the hands of the Oltharian. At least there the CO knew that Elan would protect Doctor Summers to the very end should the situation demanded it… which hopefully would not happen.

The group made their way through the winding streets of the trade center until they reached one of the landing platforms… where several other individuals including a reptilian looking alien had apparently been waiting.

"It'sss about time," the reptilian alien stated, the elongated hissing sound in his speech as he spoke having left no doubts that the creature had been Selay in origin.

"We had a few problems," the Vorta calmly explained, obviously not interested in giving the Selay any details as to the cause of the mentioned problems. "Who are they?" Vellanor demanded as she saw three unknown figures standing behind Sumariss.

"They are here to help us with our mutual problem," the Selay unhappily replied as he scrutinized the five strangers the Vorta and her gang had brought along with them. Although he had wanted to ask about their identities and the reason for their presence, Sumariss' attention suddenly became focussed on the short woman who had been glaring back at him.

"Allow me to introduce ourselves," the ANUBIS' Cns offered as she jumped into the discussion in an effort to see if the other teams needed assistance. "My name is Natalie Portree, pilot and engineer. This is Saaki, a knowledgeable business associate and the dirty looking pair of lobs back there is Caden," Eve announced as she kept the shock of seeing Doctor Summers in the state that she had been in hidden.

The next several moments were spent in complete silence as various glares were exchanged between the two groups… any questions that might have been considered remained unspoken for the time being. Eventually the Vorta motioned for her group to proceed to the landing platform where a transport vessel had been waiting to take them back to the PARADOX.

Setting: YUDARA Asteroid Field, Planetoid, Landing Platform D
Stardate: 63073.2140

Hex and Adriana had easily managed to keep up with the leading Betazoid who had been using her telepathic abilities to locate the source of the pain she had experienced earlier. Interestingly enough the three women had been followed by an Efrosian Priest and an imposing Kzinti Hunter, both men having elected to stay several steps back.

The tactic to follow from a distance had been Grex's idea and although he had stated that this would allow them to intervene with greater knowledge of a situation should something happen, Ojall suspected that the Kzinti had simply wanted to give his offspring a little more breathing room. Given that they would most likely become involved in some sort of a conflict, the elder Kzinti Hunter had thought it best to limit internal conflicts to a minimum.

The group, still lead by the Betazoid, made their way onto the landing platform just in time to see the door to the transport vessel close and the Vorta looking back at them, a rather pleased grin having appeared on Vellanor's face.

"She's getting away!" Grex yelled in a full blown rage as he rushed the ship, arriving at the door too late to do anything about their departure. The moment the Kzinti drew is weapon, Hex leaped in his direction and made sure that no shot would impact with the ship.

"What do you think you are doing!?" The massive Kzinti demanded of the smaller one, rage clearly visible in his eyes as he showed his fangs in a menacing manner.
"*My* people are in there," the smaller Kzinti replied. "Whatever it is that you are after will just have to wait."

"I have been after that Vorta for months," Grex growled as he looked up at the departing ship, now well out of range of his hand-held weapon. "Now I may never know where she went."

"I wouldn't be so sure about that," the aCMO offered as she kneeled down to retrieve something that had been buried into the ground with obvious haste. "This looks like an isolinear rod, one that I believe Enaii is fond in using."

"We need to get back to the SPHINX now," Hex quickly instructed as she made her way off the landing platform and towards the nearest beam-out location being monitored by Ensign Thomas.

Setting: USS SPHINX, C&C
Stardate: 63073.2150

Although Elliot had been more than pleased with the return of Ensign Fanggot and Mitshiba, he had been less than happy with the fact that three others had beamed onto the SPHINX with them.

"I hope you know what you are doing?" Elliot sighed in a whispered voice as he eyed the towering Kzinti hunter.

"We are still not entirely certain as to what we will be dealing with," Akira stated trying to keep her own uncertainty hidden from the others.

"The isolinear rod contained the frequency of a tracking device," Hex announced from the control station she had rushed to in order to investigate the content of the small data storage device. "I have already recalibrated the sensors and it looks like we can track the ship that Enaii is on."

"We are not even certain that she was onboard that ship," Ensign Mitshiba stated.

"It's the only lead we have," the Sec/Tac officer pointed out.

"So what are we waiting for," Grex added with a certain tone of impatience, obviously wanting to catch up with the Vorta as soon as possible.

"Elliot," the Kzinti security officer began as she invited the COO to return to his station. "Set course to follow that signal and contact Captain Morningstar to have him track that signal as well. Maybe he can also tell us how come we found one of Enaii's storage devices on the trade center."

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