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"A Dance of Diplomacy"
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Setting: Masquerade Dreams
Stardate: 30151.1430

Andromeda T'Leia, walked around the Admiral's suite helping his wife find her earrings.  She knew the Admiral was in "Talks"  with the other Admirals and Staff in the know for their classified information and hush hush briefings.  She could tell by looking at Mrs. Balren's face that the woman was worried, her ivory complexion furrowed with deep worry lines as she paced around looking for the earrings.

Andromeda T'Leia raised an eyebrow and said.  "Mrs. Balren, are those the earrings thee seeks in thy right hand?"

Balren looked down at her gloved right hand and their in the palm were her earrings.  "Oh Child, you must think I am losing my mind."  She said with a slight and weak smile.  her face trembling.  

Andromeda T'Leia found the bourbon and poured Mrs. Balren a small amount into a glass.  "Here, take this slowly, it will help calm your nerves.  Because I know you have not been taking your medications, yes your Doctor ask me to speak with you."  She said with a vulcan compassion, she knew the load that Mrs. Balren carried, it was never easy to be a Admiral's Wife.

Mrs. Balren took the glass and slowly sipped the Bourbon.  "You know child,  This bourbon is over 100 years aged, it is one of five bottles that the Admiral has in his private stock."  She sipped another sip of the warm bold drink.

"Yes, I know.  He regales us all with the story of how he purchased the Bourbon distillery and found the prized brew."  The Vulcan gently brushed the graying hair off Lady Balren's forehead.  

=/\=  Serron to Andromeda T'Leia,  how is our favorite Lady doing? =/\=    His voice clear and strong and the tiny note of concern and compassion in his voice.

"She is well, we are having a Lady's brunch."  Andromeda T'Leia returned his hail.

=/\=  I see, well when you Ladies are ready, the gardens await thy pleasure. Serron out.  =/\=

She turned back to Lady Balren and said.  "I wonder what he is up to, it was my understanding that all the Brass were in a conference briefing."

Lady Balren nodded.   "It did not exactly sound like our Serron, such a handsome and sweet man.  I love him dearly.  "  She said as she relaxed back into her chair.

Andromeda T'Leia, made a note of the comm.  She investigated the signature and found a slight variance in it's signal, meaning....  It is not a star fleet frequency, they were good but not good enough."  

She did not want to put it out on the comm.  So she picked up her PaDD and sent to Elan, the Admirals and the Captain of ANUBIS, the data from the false comm conversation with herself and someone pretending to be a friend........


Her mind went back to a rescue mission to save some Romulan civilians trapped on the edge of an Event Horizon, she had been but a girl still in lower grades on a Cadet mission the Science Vessel Turgan,  The Civilians were a trap a clever one with four cloaked Birds of Prey sitting waiting for any ship to attempt a rescue.  

She could still see the explosions that happened when Captain Vaanak sent a non-manned probe over to unseal an airlock and enter.  She ship was rigged to blow.  Their ship had barely cleared the wash of the explosion, and the damage done to the sector was grave.

(End Flashback)

Andromeda T'Leia stayed with Lady Balren, she knew that in her delicate state she needed someone with her .  Andromeda T'Leia did not believe that this was an organized threat but any time someone sends a false message it is still needs investigating.

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"Lady Balren, you relax I am going to fix some tea and those little cakes you enjoy."  She rose and went to the kitchen and prepared the tea and the English tea cakes...

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Renda Carr

Doctor Andromeda T'Leia
Assistant Chief Medical Officer
NCC 18501