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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 8, Security Center
Stardate: 30151.1430

Although she had been told not to scratch at it, the black haired Chief of Security could not help herself, real of fake, the itchiness of her neck was driving her crazy.  Ya'Han had hoped that making herself busy would help take her mind off the irritating sensation, but it was clear that nothing would help.

"Are you alright Ensign?" Shar'El asked as she walked into he Security Center, seeing the Chief of Security trying to tear the skin off her neck.

"It's that subdermal communicator that Doctor Mizore implanted," the black haired woman explained while still scratching. "I must be having some sort of allergic reaction."

The acting First Officer approached and studied the area in question, finding nothing to indicate any sort of biological reaction, not that she had expected to find any.  "Sorry, but I don't see anything."

"That's alright, I'll just go back and speak to our CMO, maybe she can give me something to stop this itching," the Chief of Security said, almost completely ignoring the ExO/ILO as she turned to head towards the doors of the Security Center.

"Doctor Mizore has already departed for the MASQUERADE DREAMS," the acting Executive Officer said before the black haired Chief of Security could actually cause the doors to open.  "It was thought safer by Captain Morningstar if we all arrived on board at different times thus making it somewhat less suspicious."

"Great," Ya'Han sighed.  "Maybe I could stick my head into the nearest airlock."

"That would be rather excessive," Shar'El quickly said in response, matching the mock seriousness of the Chief of Security's tone with her own.  "Aa phaser set on a mild stun setting would likely accomplish the same effect without causing death and depriving the ANUBIS of its Chief of Security.

It was only then that Ya'Han came to realize who sh had been speaking to; not ILO, Ensign Shar'El but the acting Executive Officer, Lt. Commander Shar'El.  "My apologies Commander, I allowed my frustration to dictate my words. It was unprofessional of me to make such a statement to a superior officer, especially while on duty."

"You have nothing to worry about," Shar'El said through a faint smile. "This is not some sort of diplomatical high function."

The words had been spoke in a completely different manner, but they had still been more than enough to trigger a single powerful memory in the black haired woman, a memory that pushed all other thoughts out.

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"You are the daughter of the High Sovereign, every place you visit, every event you attend is to be treated by you as a diplomatical high function," the tall standing man bellowed to the cowering purple haired child at his feet.  "You are my daughter and as such represent me, this family, this world and all of its people when you are out in public, and i will not allow you to disgrace this family."

(End of Flashback)

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"Everything is alright," Shar'El said as she extended a hand to help the Chief of Security back to her feet.

"What happened?" Ya'Han asked, stilled trying to piece together what had taken place.

"The itching must have caused you to not pay attention made you lost your balance," the First Officer said, noting in silence that the woman's hair was gradually returning to the black color that it had been when she had first stepped in the room.  "Whatever it was, you are safe here," Shar'El added, the words having come across as meaning far more than their simple sound.

"I'll just sit here for a moment," Ya'Han said as she carefully lowered herself into the nearest chair, her eyes locked on those of the Lt. Commander.  "I will report to sickbay as soon as i believe myself well enough to walk there."

"You have nothing to worry about," Shar'El continued, the memory having been impossible for the Ullian not to experience.  "Take your time.  In the end, all will be fine."

The Chief of Security caught from the corner of her eyes the last remnant of purple vanishing from the tips of her hair and immediately looked up to see if the Lt. Commander had noticed anything.  Ya'Han watched in silence as the First Officer made her way out of the Security Center, the now fully black haired woman itching to ask where she had heard the very last words she had spoken, words that her own mother used to comfort the youngest daughter of the High Sovereign after receiving a scolding and punishment from her father.

Somehow Ya'Han felt peace in the knowledge that Shar'El had been the ANUBIS' ExO, a feeling that had been rather strange given that she knew very little of the woman in question.

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Hanali Han 

Ensign Ya'Han
Chief of Security / Chief Tactical Officer