"Kzinti Mind Play"
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Setting: YUDARA Asteroid Field, Planetoid, Trade Center, T'Kon Temple
Stardate: 63073.2125


Running as fast as they could, the aCMO and Betazoid arrived at the door of the room where Hex rested. Slightly out of breath, they noticed that their large, imposing Kzinti bodyguard was no where in sight and the door was ajar.

"I've never seen someone act so... distant from one of their species, not to mention one of their own family members. He didn't even stay by her door." Mortina reflected out loud, stepping into the room cautiously as to not disturb Ojall.

"I'm sure there is more than there seems... " Adriana noted with a short chuckle as both women noticed their missing Kzinti sitting next to the bed on which Hex lay, his back to the wall and eyes on the door.

"Your friend is recuperating well, though I suggest she not do any excesive physical activities for the next little while." Ojall said, smiling warmly, "Though, I admit it is rather hard to treat her when she keeps thrashing."

"Thrashing?" the newly turned Kerelian betrothed questioned, a hint of worry lacing through the word.

"Yes, her mind is constantly ill at ease, but I can't seem to get through enough to calm her completely." Ojall answered kindly, holding down one of the younger Kzinti's arms as it twitched violently.

"Let me try to see what's wrong, we have a problem and we'll need her on her feet." Mortina offered gently, moving to stand beside the Kzinti huntress.

Closing her eyes, Mortina reached out and touched the forehead of her patient. Gasping sharply, the Betazoid was dragged down into the Kzinti's mind, more forcefully than expected. Pictures blurred and stretched, raw emotions floated through the air, almost tangible. Reaching out carefully into the confusion, the young woman touched the center of Hex's mind. A force like an explosion sounded, then all was still as the Betazoid watched the surrounding pictures with interest.


"You're so stupid, thinking that our father is really dead!" A young male Kzinti voiced, laughing as though telling a joke. His fur was longer than that of the young Kzinti in his arms, and much darker. The other Kzinti child squirmed violently as though trying to escape from a coiled snake.

"You're the stupid one Damon! Mother said he died, so he died." The female answered breathlessly, thrashing in the arms of the larger Kzinti but to no effect.

"She said that to hide the truth from you little sister. Father left the day you were born so he wouldn't have to put up with you!" Damon answered, tightening his grip on the thrashing child.

"Stop calling me *little*, I have a name you know." The girl stated venomously, going limp a moment before thrashing again, "I'll get bigger one day, so don't act so cocky."

"Yeah right, you're a shrimp and you're staying a shrimp. The doctor even said so Hex." The older Kzinti simply grinned, releasing his hold and watching as his companion fell to the ground.

Damon began to walk away, leaving Hex to rub her sore arms. Sitting back, the Kzinti sighed in relief and closed her eyes, her ear twitching slightly as she repeated her brother's words to herself slowly, "Wouldn't... have to put up with... me"

A sharp pain filled the memory as it faded into darkness. The observing Betazoid could just barely make out the sound of the young Kzinti crying as she was pulled away from the memory.


"Wow... " Mortina gasped, feeling herself pushed out of the Kzinti's mind and back into her own.

"What? What did you see?" Adrianna asked, concern once again making itself known across her features.

"Yes... I would like to know as well." A voice rasped. Looking down, the Betazoid noticed the shining violet eyes of the Kzinti watching her intently as a low hiss slithered through her teeth.

Pulling back her hand quickly, Mortina stared at Hex a moment before standing up straight and smiling warily. The Kzinti merely watched her, but the intent gaze flickered over to the waiting aCMO soon enough, breaking the mental contact.

"Adrianna, who are these people?" Hex hissed, sitting up painfully but being shoved back down by a large, furred hand.

"They're friends, they want to help. Are you able to move?" Adrianna asked, watching the imposing Kzinti with as wary an eye as she would a ready-to-attack Klingon.

"I would be if *someone* would let me." Hex grumbled, shooting a glare in Grex's direction, "Is there something wrong?"

"Someone is hurt, most likely someone you both know." Mortina stated, watching Hex with a thoughtful expression.

Hex sat up so fast that if the aCMO were to have blinked, Adrianna was sure she would have missed it. "then why are we just standing around? We have to get moving!"

"You're still in need of more rest." Ojall noted kindly, watching the four people with mildly showing interest.

"Never mind it... I've fought and trained in far worse condition. Come on Adrianna, we should go." Hex hissed, grabbing her wounded shoulder before jumping down from the bed and sprinting out the door, Grex hot on her heels.

"Adrianna," Mortina called, catching the aCMO's arm before she could join Hex at a brisk run, "Watch her carefully... I think there is definitely far more than I thought there was."

The aCMO nodded as the Betazoid released her arm. Running after Hex again, Adrianna made a mental note to ask Hex about all this when time permitted.

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