"Fear in Any Form is The One True Enemy"
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Setting: YUDARA Asteroid Field, Planetoid, Trade Center, Tavern
Stardate: 63073.2120
Even though the group had been outnumbered three-to-one, the Shillian-turned-Founder still considered the possibility for the undercover Starfleet officers to fight their way out of this predicament. There had been no need for any confrontation to be extensive or even deadly, the ultimate goal having been for them to simply reach the streets so that the quartet could vanish into the crowd. From there they would be able to reach the emergency beam-out coordinates being monitored by the SPHINX.
The Shillian had carefully reviewed the merits of her shapeshifting ability in this instance, likely granting the Chief Science Officer an easy way to escape her captors through surprise while at the same time giving the other members of the away team a diversion that they could easily use to their advantage. The idea had nearly reached the final stage where thoughts would be made into action when the Intel Liaison Officer suddenly took a firm hold of the scientist.
Enaii glared at the taller alien woman, her icy stare drilled into the soul of the shapeshifter in a may that froze the Chief Science Officer dead in her tracks and made her breathing short and shallow. Even though the Shillian had extensive experience in working with the Intel Operative, the scientist could not recall ever having seen such a frigid, unemotional expression engraved on the face of the woman. At that moment in time, and in complete honesty, the Shillian had truly feared the Intel Liaison Officer as well as for her own life. 
Even if the shapeshifter had wished to transform right there and then, their would have been no way for the scientist to focus her thoughts enough to initiate the required cellular shift her species used to achieve other forms. Unlike the being the Chief Science Officer had impersonated, the Shillian had not possessed the skill to change her form without previous careful preparations, not that a small cat, flying bat or even an agile wolf would have been all that effective against the trained Intel Operative.
Although the shorter woman had not stated so, the Shillian had been under the clear and distinct impression that any effort to escape or even change form would result in the members of the two undercover teams to be injured or worst killed. Based on this alone the Chief Science Officer had decided to not pursue her previous line of thinking and instead focussed on complying with the directions of her captors, the Vorta leading them and of the Intel Operative who had apparently joined them.
"As soon as we reach the landing platform, we will take care of these meddlers," Vellanor hissed in a tone of voice that hinted the permanency of her words. Killing all four undercover Starfleet officers in a more public area such as the tavern would have raised too many questions and attracted attention that the Vorta had obviously wanted to avoid. This had been a welcomed break by all four away team members which was followed by an even more appreciated act.
"That would be a mistake," Enaii stated in her usual cold, icy voice, the Intel Operative not even having bothered to look in the direction of the Vorta.. "You need an engineer, and the Oltharian is exactly that."
"Fine," Vellanor sighed in dismay as if a prize had been taken away from her. "We'll take care of the other three and bring him with us to the Paradox."
"I thought Vorta's were smarter than that," the red-skinned Jorelian said adding a mock chuckle in the end. "Kill us and Elan here won't help you with your engineering problems onboard the PARADOX. Face it Vellanor, you need us *all* alive, like it or not."
Vellanor glared at the freighter captain before she stormed out of the tavern having motioned her men to follow, the Vorta having clearly not liked the fact that all four Starfleet officers would have to be taken to the PARADOX. Fear of failure in her mission to restore the Dominion to its highest glory had for the time being given the away team members a break, one that had strangely enough been given to them thanks to the intervention of the Intel Operative.

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"To see the world in a grain of sand,
and a heaven in a wild flower.
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
and eternity in an hour."
- William Blake (British, 1757-1827)