"Testing The Waters"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 2, Corridor
Stardate: 30151.1115

The doors of the turbolift opened onto Deck 2 with their usual hiss and without delay the ILO set foot into the corridor, purpose in her step.  Shar'El had always felt a certain amount of confidence in her actions, but since her promotion and appointment as the ANUBIS' new acting Executive Officer, the raven haired woman felt even more certain of what she needed to do.

Following her chat with Captain Morningstar, the ILO had gone to Sickbay to speak with the newly appointed CMO, Doctor Mizore Seska.  Shar'El had initially hoped to speak to the woman about the struggles the Bajoran had encountered while living with memories that had not been hers.  Once in Sickbay though, the acting Executive Officer found it impossible to address personal matter, defaulting instead to the official and medical reasons that had also brought her to that part of the ship.

Seska had been tasked with providing a subdermal communicator to each member of the senior staff, thus allowing them to remain in contact with the ship and each other should there be any sort of trouble.  Shar'El had made sure to request that the miniature communications device be set on constant transmitting, the ILO's reasoning for this having been that ANI could monitor and record everything that the members of the crew would be exposed to.

With that task accomplished, the ILO had decided to pay the Operations Officer a visit.  The Lieutenant Commander had wanted to make sure that Ensign Stark would familiarise himself with the complete technical specifications and schematics of the MASQUERADE DREAMS.  Maybe it had been pessimistic of Shar'El to think the way that she had, but as the new ExO she needed to consider all possible outcomes.  Being prepared for any possibilities that would require the away team to gain access to the ship's control system meant that multiple people needed to be well acquainted with the access and interface.

The acting Executive Officer of course would have to be one of those required to be versed in this process, but Shar'El had also counted on the OPS and CEO officers to be as equally ready.

As she arrived at the door, the ILO announced her presence by pressing the door chime


Setting: USS ANUBIS, Stark's Quarters
Stardate: 30151.1120

"Lt. Commander Shar'El," Jayson gasped in surprised, never having expected the raven haired woman to having been the one on the other side of the door.  "Come in, come in, what can I do for you?"

"I just wanted to check up on each member of the senior staff and to talk about certain aspects of our mission," the ILO said, keeping the real motive for her visit to herself.  After all there had been no reason for anyone other than Captain Morningstar to know that she had been going around to see if the crew had actually accepted her as their new ExO.

"I was actually reviewing the list of passengers and crew members you provided," the OPS officer said as he pointed to the active monitor.  "Kind of scary to see that some of the actual crew have criminal records, some of which are rather lengthy ones."

"As thorough as the RISA government may be in their hiring practices, their abilities to perform background checks are limited and can be easily contoured," the ILO spoke as if she knew first hand of not only this practice but also on how to go about fooling the system in general.  "Unless the individual was convicted on a core Federation world, it is easy for criminal records to be missed or even mislinked.  You, for example, could have a criminal record on BRENARI PRIME, but even though the planet is a Federation Protectorate, there are no links between their judicial databanks and that of the Federation.  So there is no simple way to link your criminal record to you as a person, of course NEW ALEXANDRIA makes it a point to link with every available system allowing every ship like the ANUBIS to have access to it all.  That said I am very glad to see you taking such an active role in identifying possible targets for our Intel gathering efforts."

"Thank you Commander," Jayson said, not at all taking the acting Executive Officer's praises lightly.  "I just wanted to have an idea as to what kind of situation we are heading in."

"Speaking of which," Shar'El said as she took hold of the small screen and turned it towards her.  With a few touches of her finger, the ILO called up the MASQUERADE DREAMS' schematics to be displayed.  "I would like for you to get acquainted with the ship's systems, noting the access points and specifics of the crew's interface."

"You want me to be able to jump in and take control should something go wrong," the OPS officer said, leaving no doubts that he understood perfectly what had been asked of him.

"You will not be the only one that I will count on for this," the ILO said in an effort to reduce the possible pressure that the man might have placed on his own shoulders.  "I will be asking Lieutenant Paquette to do the same.  I would like you two as well as myself to be able to perform this task should there be a need.  There is no way to know what will happen, but I for one would like to have as many possibilities covered."

"Sounds like a plan," Jayson smiled, "Permission to speak freely?"

"Always Ensign," Shar'El replied, matching the man's smile in a somewhat diminished manner. "Like the Captain, I appreciate honesty."

"I am glad that you were appointed to the position of First Officer for the ANUBIS.  It may sound weird, but I feel rather at ease with you there," the OPS officer said leaving the ILO to let out a slow and lengthy sigh of relief.

"Thank you," Shar'El said with a appreciative nod of her head.  "I will lave you to your research and work.  If you find anything of major importance, let me know.  We will have a quick senior staff briefing before we head out to the MASQUERADE DREAMS to make sure that we have not missed anything.  See you then."

With that the acting Executive Officer exited the man's quarters and made her way to Main Engineering where she knew Lieutenant Paquette had been located.

Tiffany Reeve

Ensign Shar'El
Intel Liaison Officer