"A Logical Explanation"
[Previous Post Sabrina's "Betrayal"]
"Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end."
- Ambassador Spock
Setting: YUDARA Asteroid Field, Planetoid, Trade Center, Tavern, Room
Stardate: 63073.2115
The words spoken by the Intel Operative and the subsequent realisation made by Doctor Summers echoed in the mind of the gentle giant who could not bring himself to agree with the CMO's conclusion.
To say that Elan knew Enaii would have been a grave overstatement. The Oltharian had worked with the Intel Operative, had gone on missions with her and had assisted with the creation of several devices to be used by the woman in many different situations. One of his greatest accomplishments in that area had been the 'Person Intel Command Assistant' or more commonly referred to as PICA. The small floating disk had been designed to follow Enaii and provide a dynamic access to her files when onboard the ANUBIS.
Like every other officer onboard the SCARAB-Class Intel Cruiser under the command of Captain Rikar, the CEO knew of the ILO's style and methods which included a beyond icy disposition and an honesty that could be perceived as overly blunt. Another attribute associated with the Intel Operative and one that defined her in many ways had been her ability to calculate the full impact of her words and actions. Enaii had never been, nor could ever be, someone prone to an impulsive decision.
Logic therefore demanded that the words spoken by the ILO had been meant to accomplish something that for the time being had eluded the understanding of everyone immediately involved.
"She betrayed us!" Doctor Summer repeated, anger having replaced her initial shock. "Why else would she say that Starfleet was here to reclaim the PARADOX ."
"Actually Doctor," Rikar began, carefully having selected her own words in a way that made the Jorelian looking woman sound almost Vulcan. "Enaii stated that 'Starfleet is here to reclaim what is theirs' and never actually specified that Maya or anyone else for that matter was a Starfleet Officer."
"You are going to tell me that Enaii deliberately used a partial truth to suit her final goal?" The CMO demanded obviously not at all convinced about the CO's own conclusion which greatly different from her own.
"It would fit Enaii's Modus Operandi," the Oltharian calmly added. "She has never been one to casually say something. Her words have always reflected her thoughts or stated something that would lead to achieve something that she wanted or needed."
"I can't believe what I am hearing!" Lea blasted, obviously exasperated by the defence offered on behalf of the ILO by the ANUBIS CO and CEO. "You two are so *blinded* by your own personal relationship with that woman that you are willing to excuse her betrayal of us," the CMO snapped as she made her way towards the red skinned woman. "Captain, are you going to tell me that you honestly trust that woman at 100%? That would don't believe, for an instant, that she might have some reason to turn her back on us all for her own benefit?" Doctor Summers quickly turned to face the towering Oltharian not giving Captain Rikar a chance to answer. "And you, are you so scared of that woman that you can't accept the facts as they have been presented to you?"
Both the CEO and CO looked at each other for a short period, silently considering the logic offered to them by the ship's CMO. As accurate as Doctor Summer's words might have been, both Elan and Sabrina still refused to believe that Enaii could have betrayed them. Another reason, one that had been beyond their grasp had to be the reason why the ILO had acted as she had.
All eyes suddenly went onto the doorway as it was kicked open and several armed guards rushed inside to forcefully take hold of all three occupants followed by the Vellanor and Enaii. Doctor Summers actually managed a sad smile as she noticed the ANUBIS' Chief Science Officer standing in the background, an energy weapon aimed directly at her head.
"Starfleet," the Vorta sighed with a distinct hint of disgust. "When will you people ever learn that the galaxy is not yours to police?," Vellanor stated as she slowly approached the Jorelian freighter captain, an air of superiority having enveloped the servant of the Dominion. "Soon your precious Federation will be reduced to where it belongs; as the Dominion's obeying slaves."
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