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Setting:  Risa Liner Masquerade Dream, Deck 11 Corridor Alpha, President's Suite Ten
Stardate: 30151.0930

Andromeda T'Leia, made her way across the luxury  Presidential Suite;  Admiral Balren had made certain that his adopted daughter, as he always referred to T'Leia had a suite where she would not be disturbed and one that she could entertain guest in a large suite setting.  

"Admiral Balren, this is so large a suite, I ..."  The Admiral bristled up a little and said.  "Now Honey child of mine, nothing is too good for my favorite girl."  He crossed the room and gave her a kiss on the cheek.  "And besides, with two men on board who both are vying for your attentions, well Mrs. Balren and I decided that you needed a place to entertain."  

Andromeda T'Leia looked at him and said.  "Thank you ,Sir .  I am honored."

He nodded and said.  "Well I must go, you know things to do people to see.  Let the staff know if you need anything Sugar Plum."  He was out the doors and off to see a fellow about betting on the Risa Derby.

Andromeda T'Leia walked out onto the balcony, it was lovely the large window to the stars, and the balcony was filled with flowers and even real grass, she took off her slipper and ran her foot over the soft blue-green grass.  She had lived well, her parents had always provided her with expensive vacations, but this new Risa liner was over the top with amenities.  oOo I could get used to this. oOo  She thought as she walked around exploring the large suite.

oOo I wonder how Elan and Captain Iverson are getting on , I do hope for them that they will enjoy this adventure. oOo she thought as she looked around.  

Andromeda T'Leia found a cosy chair and sat down going over the ANUBIS and the CMO Seska whom she would be working with,  she found it to be agreeable the new ship and new missions and the possibilities and she also found Serron and Wilton being at the Ball very agreeable.  She rose from the chair and decided to get to the shops for some extra gifts to be sent to Elan and Iverson as well as gifts for all the ANUBIS crew.  Making her way to the Shopping Mall deck Five she picked out gift selections for New Alexandria people and for ANUBIS,  the Sales lady was happy to fill the orders for her .  

After the gifts were picked out and ordered for delivery to all the people on the list.  Andromeda T'Leia walked around and soon came upon the Triple Cat BAR.  Noting two familiar faces sitting at a garden table.  She quietly approached them.

"Greetings Wilton, Serron.  I see that thee both are enjoying the wilder side of Risaian Hospitality."

Serron raised a blonde eyebrow and said.  "And I see that the Risa Fashions agree with thy figure."

Andromeda T'Leia blushed a slight slight tinge of green, Serron picked up on it immediately.  Wilton too much of a gentleman to get so fresh merely said.  "Would you care for some Magnolia Tea?"

"That would be agreeable."  She sat down with them and the waitress took the tea order and soon returned with a delightful tray a magnolia teapot, fine china cup and some scones.

Andromeda T'Leia sipped the tea and watched the two men.  She knew exactly what they were up to.  Raising an eyebrow she ask.   "So which one of you won Buffy?"

Wilton coughed and Serron looked away for a moment then they both said.  "He did," and pointed to the other.

"I See!"  She said stoically and sipped her tea.

Jorell, a Risian Officer walked over to the table, bowed and ask.  "Andromeda T'Leia, may I escort you on your shopping spree?"

She rose and with her arm in his turned to the two men and said softly.  "See you two later."

She and Jorell walked along slowly, he explaining the stores the candy and the various amenities in the shopping and entertainment district.  

"Would  you care to stop by the Wild Ones Club?"

Andromeda T'Leia looked up at him and said.  "Of course it will be a good chance to do some research."

Jorell smiled and said.  "And to make  your two suitors jealous."

Andromeda T'Leia thought....  oOo Perhaps.oOo

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Renda Carr

Ensign Andromeda T'Leia
Assistant Medical Officer
NCC 18501