"You Can Only Fool Some People Some of The Time, And Some Even Less"
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Setting: YUDARA Asteroid Field, Planetoid, Trade Center, Tavern
Stardate: 63073.2100
Even isolated from the other members of the away team, the thoughts of the Chief Science Officer had been more focussed on the dress worn by the Vorta instead of the Lieutenant of the Dominion herself. There had been something strange, something not quite right about the dress and being the scientist that she had always been, the Shillian had dismissed her current predicament in favour of getting a closer look at the intriguing garment.
It was only when the door closed behind them that the Shillian-turned-Founder realised that she had been completely alone with the Vorta. No one else had been in the room that they had stepped in, a fact that the Chief Science Officer had found both unnerving and reassuring. If Vellanor had truly been concerned about the identity of the Founder, surely she would not have ventured alone into a room with her. Of course this left one major questions unanswered; why had the Vorta requested a private meeting?
"Please forgive me Founder," Vellanor said in a tone that left the Shillian believing that the Vorta had been in the throws of an emotional conflict of epic proportion. Alone with a member of a species they perceived as gods would have been enough to make any sentient life form ready to emotionally, if not psychologically, break down. "I hope that you will not take offence to my having wanted to speak with you, alone."
"I am not offended Vellanor," the Shillian replied, this time having made certain to use the name instead of the race. "You are simply performing your duties to the best of your abilities, and for that you should be commented," the scientist added, this having been the one chance the shapeshifter had to mend the error she had made, or at the very least put enough doubts in the mind of the Vorta so as to delay any unpleasant questions.
"Thank you," the Vorta said while giving the Founder a deep bow of respect, "I only live to serve," Vellanor continued, a hint of hesitation having appeared in her words. "Please forgive me for saying this, but I was wondering if you are alright. You seemed a little troubled, preoccupied back there."
The shapeshifter remained speechless, frozen in that one instant in time, uncertain as to what to say or do that would explained her behaviour without the risk of raising suspicions or worse cause the Vorta to continue on this line of questioning. Each time Vellanor made an inquiry the Shillian risked saying something that would endanger her life, or more importantly the mission.
"There are just many things currently on my mind," the Shillian replied, silently hoping that the answer had been sufficient to ease the concerns of the Vorta and end this segment of their private conversation.
"I completely understand Founder," Vellanor offered as she lowered her head and bowed. "May the Great Link allow you to put your mind at ease."
The Shilian-turned-Founder frozen as she watched the dress worn by the Vorta begin to move independently as if it had suddenly gained a life and consciousness of its own. Two words echoed endlessly in the mind of the Chief Science Officer, words that meant far more than she had discovered in her research of the Founders, words that left no doubt that she had been in far more trouble than anyone could have ever imagined.
As a shapeshifter the Shilian could have fooled most into believing that she had indeed been a Founder by taking on the form of a native cat or bat from her world, but there had been no way for the Scientist to fool an actual leader of the Dominion. Although both species had shared certain similarities when it came to being able to take on other forms, the methods of such a transformations, not to mention the range, had been completely different.
Organic as well as inorganic forms had been mere routine to a Founder who could change from one shape to the next as many times as they wished unlike a Shillian who had been limited to very specific animal forms where each transformation would leave the shapeshifter physically drained and without clothes. Beyond that, the ability of the Founders to join in what was referred to as the Great Link had been something completely unique to their species and well as beyond the reach of the Chief Science Officer of the USS ANUBIS, regardless of whom she may have pretended or wished to be.
Her heart raced as the Shillian watched the fluidic movements of the dress as it stretched to draw increasingly closer leaving the shapeshifter to understand but too late the reason why the dress had seemed so strange. Now only a miracle could save the scientist from revealing her true identity to the Vorta.
"WAIT!" Came the commanding voice of someone the Shillian had instantly recognized, a person who the shapeshifter had not at all expected to see at the trade center, but one whom she had been more than happy to see intervene when she had. The scientist did her best to hide her delight as her eyes fell onto the form of the short woman who had seemed to have appeared out of nowhere as she so often did.
Enaii shot a quick glare at the Shillian before she turned her attention to the Vorta, her dress having rapidly returned to its original state. "My name is Onyx, and you have been betrayed," the Intel Operative stated without any further explanations which left the Chief Science Officer to wonder if this had truly been the rescue she had initially believed this to be.

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