"An Obvious Problem"
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Setting: YUDARA Asteroid Field, Planetoid, Trade Center, Tavern, guest quarters
Stardate: 63073.2100

While Elan worked on listening in on what was happening with the shapeshifter, the CMO and CO worked on their other problem. That of dealing with the thugs between them and the CSciO.

"We could always use our phasers on a wide stun setting," Lea offered as a possible solution to their predicament. The sarcasm in her voice made it clear that she knew what Rikar would say in return.

"We are not armed," the Jorelian captain replied unimpressed.

"What about using hyposprays filled with a powerful sedative?" The CMO offered next. The sarcasm in Lea's voice even more pronounced than before.

"Unless you have a dozen of them already prepared with you, that is not an option," Rikar sighed. Apparently Lea had decided to be difficult at this time. Something that the red skinned woman had not appreciated in the least. "Why are you doing this?"

"Doing what?" Lea asked in return sounding as frustrated as could be. "You want me to come up with a plan rescue Maya. You want me to just pull out of thin air a way to knock out a dozen armed aliens. You want me to magically find a solution to a problem that is just impossible."

"Impossibility is a state of mind," the CO said not at all having found this conversation at all helpful.

"Fine!" the Rutian dressed woman exclaimed as she threw her arms up in the air. "Let's just phase through the walls. That way we won't have to deal with those thugs and we can all jump that Vorta together."

"Nothing is impossible," the Olthairan calmly announced as he flicked a switch on the wall panel. The giant's voice having been a perfect contrast to the frantic ramblings of the Rutian dressed CMO.  Elan turned to face the frantic Doctor, his gaze immediately melted her irritation.

Lea found herself unable to look away from the Oltharian, a storm of emotions having washed over her. Had she been truly frustrated with their situation or had there been something else? Had the CMO felt that powerless to help the Shillian or had the Doctor felt helpless towards something else?

For the first time Lea had  wished that Eve had been there for her to talk to. Things had apparently gotten out of hand and left Doctor Summers feeling like a fool.  The Rutian dressed CMO had been ready to offer an apology to her CO when something else happened.

=/\= Founder, =/\= the voice of the Vorta was heard indicating that Elan had succeeded in his task.  =/\= Please forgive me for saying this, but I was wondering if you are alright. You seemed a little troubled, preoccupied back there. =/\=

"She's not buying it," Lea said rather calmly, the CMO having regained control of her emotions. "That one slip tipped her off and she now suspects that Maya is not a Founder."

"We may have another problem," Elan added. "I was able to tap into the internal sensor grid. According to these readings, there are three distinct entities present in that room."

"Would make sense for the Vorta to not go in alone if she suspected something," Rikar said. This situation had gone from bad to worse in record time, and things were not looking as if they would improve soon.

"The problem is worse than that," the Olthaian said, his voice still as calm as ever. "The sensor scan shows two biological life forms."

"Two?" Lea repeated. "But you just said that there were three distinct entities?"

"I did," Elan confirmed. "The third does not register as being *biological*."

The Jorelian captain seemed to go from a red complexion to one more on the pink side of the color chart. "There is a Founder in that room?"

"You mean a *real* founder! In there with Maya and that Vorta?" The CMO gasped. Trying to deal with a dozen thugs had been difficult enough. Dealing with a shapeshifting alien able to take on *any* form had been an entirely different matter.

"I guess it's official," the red skinned woman sighed. "We have a problem."

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Lt. Lea Summers
Chief Medical Officer