"An Unexpected Break"
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Setting: USS PARADOX, Jefferies Tube
Stardate: 63073.2055

Over the last thirty minutes Ensign Russell had not only returned to Cargo Bay 6 to insure the safety of his son Shawn but had also managed to make his way where he suspected Anya Green had been held captive, all of this using only the ship's maintenance access tunnels.  All of this scurrying around like a mouse in a maze had forced Adam to gain a ability to do so quickly and silently, a skill that he had grown to appreciate.

It had been with a certain level of pride that the former YORKSHIRE's FCO found out that his suspicions had been correct.  Not being in possession of the ship's security codes had meant that the aliens who had commandeered the PARADOX had not been able to gain access to the ship's brig, leaving them with only limits alternate selections to easily and safely keep anyone a prisoner.

From behind the panel which he had silently moved aside enough to allow him to see inside the bio-containment field, Adam had been able to see the his friend and ally laying on the ground, bound and bruised.  Anya looked as if she had gone through several rounds with an enraged Klingon, but the Arcadian did not give any impression that she had succumbed to her treatment and revealed anything about what she had found or done.  All that remained had been for Ensign Russell to devise a plan to get her out of there without getting himself captured.

A direct assault had not been an option as it would risk revealing his presence to everyone and in so doing placing Shawn in danger.  No, Adam could not permit himself to do this, but nor could he let Anya stay in her present condition.  He needed to come up with a plan, a good plan, and as quickly as possible before this Sumariss that had been mentioned returned and decided on the Arcadian's final fate.

Adam waited and watched as the two goons guarding the room wandered around the bio-containment field never giving the hidden Ensign a single opportunity to even move from his current location.  That was until a Bolian entered the room and told the pair to head to the Engineering level to take care of something.  Having been visibly bored with their current task of guarding the defenceless Arcadian, the two had appeared more than happy to comply with their new orders.

This had been the opportunity the Ensign had been waiting for and quickly prepared himself to strike.  He would get only one chance to rush in and tackle the Bolian down after the force field had been deactivated.  What Adam would need to do with the unconscious blue skinned alien still had not been decided, but for the time being rescuing Anya had been the one and only thought on his mind.

The moment the force field was deactivated by the Bolian, Ensign Russel had been ready to leap passed the panel that he had fully moved aside.  It would take him several seconds to reach his target so he needed to sprint like never before, at least that had been the plan until he saw the Arcadian reach out and embrace the new arrival.

Puzzled by this strange way to deal with a captor, Adam found himself waiting for the scene to further unfold and hopefully provide him with a few answers instead of a universe of questions.

"Why I'm risking my neck for you is beyond me," the Bolian softly sighed as he inspected the woman's many bruises.  "I should leave you here and continue on with our mission."

"You have always been too soft-hearted," Anya said in a pain filled whispered voice.

"You are lucky that Sumariss was delayed at the trade center," the Bolian continued while he pressed a hypospray to the Arcadian's neck. "It gave me enough time to solve this lovely problem you created.  Now we have to get out of here, can you stand?"

"I'll try," Anya said, the journey to her reaching a standing posture having been a slow and painful one.

Adam watched, now more then ever puzzled as to why this unknown Bolian had helped someone who had obviously been against their employer.

"Computer," the Bolian instructed immediately after he and Anya had stepped out of the containment field.  "Initiate False Echo program 5."

Ensign Russell remained absolutely silent as he watched a holographic recreation of the Arcadian appear on the floor where the real woman had been only a few seconds ago, making it seem as if the prisoner had never actually left.

Without someone to actually rescue, Adam decided to retreat back to the safety and isolation of the Jefferies Tubes while he tried to follow the Bolian to hopefully discover what this had been all about.

William Reeve (altrealityman@gmail.com)

Ensign Adam Russell
(in another reality)
Flight Control Officer