"A Friend In Need"
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Setting: YUDARA Asteroid Field, Planetoid, Trade Center, Market Place
Stardate: 63073.2055

Adriana could not help but be in awe at the size and strength of the black-furred Kzinti.  She had never in her wildest dream expected to ever meet another alien the size of the Oltharian CEO, yet there he stood.  Grex held onto his daughter as if she had been nothing more than a feather, his arms easily taking on the task to carry the weakened form of the Kzinti huntress.

As the aCMO turned Kerelian betrothed observed the strange pair, Adriana wondered what had been the story between the two of them.  She knew little about Hex and even less about the Kzinti culture, but to see a father and daughter hold such spite for one another had been unimaginable for Ensign Lopez.

"Grex!" Adriana suddenly called out as she noticed a large pool of blood on the giant's arm.  "Are you in anyway hurt?"

"No," the towering Kzinti sternly replied as if the question had been in some way insulting.  "Why would you ask such a question?"

"Because I had truly hoped that this had been your blood and not hers," the aCMO said while pointing to the blood-stained sleeve of the hunter's shirt.  "I don't have the needed equipment to stop the bleeding, and if we don't she will die."

The imposing male Kzinti hunter quickly looked around in search for something that would help them in their current predicament, and without warning suddenly changed course and rapidly headed for what appeared to be an impressing temple.

"Where are we going?" Adriana asked, having been forced to run in order to keep up with the Kzinti's impressive stride.

"As much as I hate to go back there," Grex said without looking back, "I suspect that there will be someone in that temple that can help us."

In only a few steps the towering hunter had not only climbed the many steps leading to the main door but had also stepped inside the oddly strange structure.  [[Why do I have the feeling Lt. Cmdr. Maya would *love* to see this?]] Adriana thought to herself as she continued to struggle to keep up with the hunter.

"PRIEST!" Grex called out drawing the attention of an elderly Efrosian who had apparently been busy taking care of a humanoid woman.  "Your assistance is required, NOW!"

Despite the rather rude tone of the Kzinti, the Efrosian approached and immediately set his attention on the form of the smaller Kzinti female who seemed to almost vanish in the grasp of the male.

"She was hurt during that explosion," Adriana began ready to explain all that had happened and the efforts that had been taken to halt the bleeding, but the aCMO was cut short by a simple hand gesture from the Efrosian.

"I am Kane," the aged alien said with a gentle smile that seemed to fill the room and radiate an aura of absolute peace and tranquility. "I will help."

The Efrosian led the way to a small room and instructed the towering Kzinti to place his ward onto a small, primitive bed.  Once he had been satisfied that Hex had been safe, Grex took a single large step back and gave the Priest room to do as he needed.

"You will save her," the Kzinti said in a way that seemed to mix the concerned tone of a worried father with the threatening echo of a ruthless hunter.

"That's what he does," the humanoid female announced as she stepped into the room to join the others.  "I'm Mortina, a Betazoid, and all I can say is that for one reason or another Ojall helps others."

"I'm guessing that he helped you too," Adriana said having taken her eyes away from Hex only long enough to take in the woman's features.

"More than you can imagine," Mortina admitted before the imposing Kzinti pushed his way passed her to leave the room.

"I'll wait outside," Grex growled leaving the Kerelian dressed woman and her new Betazoid acquaintance to wonder as to the reason why he seemed so distant from a member of his own species.

Marissa Montonera-Lombardi (mmlm24@gmail.com)

Ensign Adriana Lopez
Assistant Chief Medical Officer