"I'm Not Laughing"
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"While I admit the universe does have a sense of humour, I doubt very much this is a joke."
- Rev Bem, Andromeda
Setting: YUDARA Asteroid Field, Planetoid, Trade Center, Tavern
Stardate: 63073.2055
Elan kept a watchful eye on Vellanor as she moved through the room, speaking to one gang member after the other. Something had bothered the Vorta, that much had been clear, but the Oltharian had still been unable to determine what that something had been - although he did have an idea.
Maya seemed equally troubled although for an obviously different reason. With a single ill chosen word the Chief Science Officer had feared that she had placed the entire mission, not to mention the safety and lives of those senior officers next to her, in danger.
"What do you think Vellanor is asking them about?" Lea asked of the Oltharian in a whispered voice.
"Trying to confirm or refute her suspicions I would guess," Elan replied having managed to stop short of adding his usual show of reverence to the ANUBIS' CMO by calling her *Healer*.
"I thought Vortas looked upon Founders as gods," the Doctor pointed out, her gaze having shifted from the CEO and moved onto the Shillian shapeshifter before finally landing on the red-skinned Jorelian woman.
"Under normal circumstances no member of the Dominion would dare to question the claims of a Founder, whatever it may be," Rikar explained as she glanced in the direction of the Vorta who had apparently completed her round of questioning. "Unfortunately for us, this is far from being normal circumstances."
"There is something strange about the dress she wears," Maya offered as if having either not heard the whispered conversation or having decided to ignore it. "It does not flow as it should."
"How can you focus on her dress knowing that she may be questioning *who* you are?" Lea demanded, her nervousness having reached its boiling point.
The whispered conversation between the four undercover Starfleet officers came to an abrupt end when Vellanor and two gang members approached the table.
"These gentlemen will escort you to more suitable accommodations while we wait for things to calm down and the landing platforms restored to full operating status," the Vorta announced in that usual tone which seemed to annoy most other races. As everyone rose from their chairs, Vellanor turned to face the shapeshifter and offered a low, deep bow before continuing. "Founder, with your permission I would like for you to follow me. There is a matter of great important that I need to bring to your attention, in private."
The Oltharian quickly glanced in the direction of his CO to see what her instructions had been. Although being a being dedicated to peace, Elan still held the lives of his fellow shipmates above his religious beliefs, and would act accordingly if required. A simple shake of the Jorelian woman's head though made the ANUBIS' CEO step down from his readiness to jump into action.
"If there anything you need from us," Rikar offered to the Vorta although her words had been equally meant for the Shillian, "we won't be far."
Vellanor offered a cold, icy smile which hinted that should things unfold as the Vorta had expected, the Jorelian, Oltharian and Rutian would have other issues to content with. Maya nodded her understanding and tried as best she could to reassure to other members of the group without actually saying anything.
Vigilantly, the three officers followed their escort out of the room while Vellanor and the shapeshifter vanished inside of another room - that one guarded by two other gang members.
"Now what?" The Chief Medical Officer, her concerns for Maya having increased with each step they took.
"There is nothing that we *can* do," Rikar whispered reluctantly. "Not for the time being at least."
The three aliens were brought into a small room and as soon as the door was closed behind them, the undercover officers sprung into action.
"Elan," Rikar began as she directed the massive Engineer towards the wall where the replicator had been located. "See if there is some way to listen in on the conversations that are taking place in the other rooms. We way not be allowed there, but I want to know what's going on so that if we need to act we can do so quickly."
The ANUBIS' CEO immediately complied and went to work, removing the panel of the control console to gain access to the inner circuits.
"How do you plan to deal with the dozen or so thugs between us and Maya if we need to act?" The CMO asked, certain that the Jorelian freighter Captain, Olthairan Engineer and Rutian woman would not be able to successfully fight all of them should the situation called for it.
"That's what you and I have to figure out in the next minute or so," the CO stated.
"That's not funny," Lea sighed.
"It wasn't a joke," Rikar countered with in an all too serious tone.
Non Mission Message
Guess the ball is officially in your court Jessica. Is Maya going to find a way out of this situation or will this turn out into an all out brawl?
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