"Time around and back again."
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Setting:  New Alexandria, Sickbay 
Stardate: 30151.0600

Andromeda T'Leia continued her work in sickbay, she was preparing some trails for the next phase in her research work for patients who lose a limb.  The research both dna genetic sequencing and also trans-multi-phasing electrons driven transpasing bionic limbs.  She placed the new bio samples into the trials vault and then, picked up her sample bionic limb and continued to re-build the elements that her new research had developed into working upgrades.  

As she worked, she recorded the progress with holo imager and recording logs.  Testing the last neural implant nodes using padd electrons to her upper arm she began to move the limb with more humanoid natural movements.  She calibrated the research limb with the new parameters and then locked it into the case and put it back with her things that would be transferred to ANUBIS as she boarded.

She worked on and also mentally prepared for the Senior briefing with her new shipmates.  She could only hope as the humans would say that she was what the ship needed in a Medical officer.  She raised an eyebrow as she thought over what Wilton and Serron had said to her.  Pondering all things and keeping them close in thought and heart.  She touched the ring on the platinum chain around her neck, and she could see Serron's face, handsome and curious, and then she saw Wilton.  Her mind flashed back to Esperanza's funeral, he had been so lost in grief that she herself had to begin the medicine cleansing smoke and eagle feather.  It had been a good thing that the Tribal Shaman had taught her the ritual because Wilton had been in no condition to perform it.  And she was Esperanza's friend and family so it fell to her to perform the funeral rite.   

Looking up as she heard footsteps, it was a nurse entering, she nodded politely and continued her work.

( Risa Liner - Cloudt Eagles suite)

Serron knocked on the door and waited for Wilton to call out.  "Enter!"  stepping inside, he said.  "Greetings friend, I have the updates on your next mission and also a private communique from T'Moya."

Wilton looked at his friend and nodded.  "Indeed, I shall look it over and tend to it before I depart."

Serron nodded and ask.  "Care for a game of shuffle board on the antaria deck?"

"Lead the way."  Wilton said.  The two men exited the suite and made their way to the shuffle board antaria deck. 

They both played two games, Wilton won both.  Serron had his thoughts on classified things and T'Leia.

Wilton had his winnings and said.  "Let us go and get a drink, I could use a good 20 year aged bourbon."

Serron nodded.  "Sounds good."

Wilton looked at his friend and said.  "Allright some Elijah Craig Top shelf it is."

( The Triple Cat Bar Risa Liner)

They sat down at a private table, a Risan female in scantily clad uniform appeared with their top shelf bourban, she had received Cloudt Eagle's PaDD order and had the drinks ready for the two men.  "Enjoy Gentlemen and remember, What is our's is Your's on Risa and our cruise liners we are here to please."  She prissed off to assist other customers.

Serron looked up as Wilton said.  "Hummm, are you going to take her up on that?"

Serron raised a blonde eyebrow and said.  with a touch of humor.  "Ah, I thought I would let you have a go at Buffy!"  and he winked at his friend.

Renda Carr

Doctor Andromeda T'Leia
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