"Scientifically Speaking Things Can Always Get Worse"
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Setting: YUDARA Asteroid Field, Planetoid, Trade Center, Tavern
Stardate: 63073.2040
The Founder and Rutian sat at the table they had been escorted to surrounded by roughly a dozen nervous looking aliens, the sound of the recent explosion having sent nearly everyone in the room into a state of complete panic. Something had happened and although none knew what had taken place for certain, all seemed to agree that it meant trouble for them in the long run.
Hidden and sequestered within the building there had been no way for the Shillian Chief Science Officer to know what had happened or if any of the other members of the away team had been involved. Judging by the expression on the face of the Chief Medical Officer, Doctor Summer seemed to quietly share in these concerns.
When the leader of the gang of ruffians finally returned, a simple glare from the Shillian had been enough to make him alter his course to approach the table of the shapeshifter and of her companion. "My apologies Founder, there seemed to have been an explosion at one of the smaller stalls in another sector of the trade center. Everything seems to be under control but the landing platforms have been taken off-line for the time being," the man nervously reported as if scared that the news would displease the Founder and endanger his own continued existence.
"Go," the Shillian-turned-Founder instructed trying her best to come across as annoyed at the news as best she could. "Make sure that all *is* under control and let us know the moment the situation has been resolved." The order had been clear enough to send the alien rushing immediately to do as he had been told but vague enough not to let on that the Chief Science Officer of the USS ANUBIS had no idea what she and Doctor Summers had found themselves in the middle of.
"Nice that he obeys you like that," the Chief Medical Officer grinned in a whispered voice as she leaned in closer to the Shillian. "Maybe this turn of event will play in our favour and lead us straight to the PARADOX."
"Unfortunately, hopeful thinking holds little chance against the scientific premises of the Chaos theory," the Shillian Scientist whispered back. "The odds that things will unfold to only benefit us are much smaller than those which claim that something will happen to hinder our progress in one way, shape or form. In fact any delay or obstacles encounter during our mission may prove to be only side effects of a sequence of events that will affect reality as we know it. For all we know the explosion we heard has begun a chain reaction at the quantum level that will lead to a complete molecular destabilization of all matter within this universe."
Doctor Summers blinked several times and remained completely silent as she allowed the words spoken by the Shillian woman to sink in, that was until the Rutian dressed woman noted three new arrivals into the tavern. "Or things could be even worst than what you just described," the Chief Medical Officer said with a long sigh, her gaze locked on the new arrivals.
"What could possibly be worst than the complete collapse of all matter leading to the end of all life in this reality?" The Shillian Scientist inquired with puzzlement, only now having realised that the attention of her companion had been entirely focused elsewhere.
"That would be a good start," Doctor Summers offered as she quickly pointed to a red-skinned Jorelian freighter captain who bore an uncanny resemblance to their Commanding Officer, a towering Oltharian giant by her side, the two of them having followed a uniquely dressed Vorta into the tavern.

Jessica Solarik (maya_992003@yahoo.com)
Lieutenant Commander Maya
Chief Science Officer

"To see the world in a grain of sand,
and a heaven in a wild flower.
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
and eternity in an hour."
- William Blake (British, 1757-1827)