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Setting:YUDARA Asteroid Field, Planetoid, Trade Center, Market Place


Hex watched the flames from the explosion engulf the small stall for another moment before turning back to follow the Kerelian betrothed. The explosion was unexpected, but the Kzinti's mind was elsewhere. The stranger had appeared more than once and the fuzzy humanoid was beginning to think it was not just a coincidence.

"Adriana, those here will wonder about us due to the fact that we were in the direct vicinity right before the flames erupted. We should move faster." Hex stated, catching up to the aCMO.

"You always talk like that... all buisness, why is that?" Adriana questioned, quickening her pace to keep the young Kzinti from running into her.

"I was taught to talk this way when I was young, as a diplomat for my village, and the daughter of a very... unpopular bloodline. It's easiest to talk to people when you place words as I do, for me at least." Hex answered, rolling her shoulder.

Tingling ran down her arm each time she rolled her shoulder; something hurt. Hex stopped a minute and tried to flex her arm, earning herself a very sharp pain in the shoulder. Ensign Lopez had stopped a few feet ahead, looking back with concern.

"Hex? What's wrong?" the aCMO asked, pivoting herself into a position with which she could see both ends of the narrow alleyway.

"Nothing much... my shoulder hurts is all." Hex mumbled, trying to keep her arm still as possible and failing.

"Let me take a look at it." Adriana offered, stepping closer to the Kzinti.

"What? Why?" Hex asked, moving away from the approaching doctor.

"Cause you can't really protect me if your shoulder is broken, and I need to be prepared just in case." the woman answered with a grin.

Hex grumbled, inwardly cursing herself for being stupid before taking her hand away from the wounded shoulder. Adriana gasped, reaching out to touch the Kzinti's shoulder, but stopping when she noticed the stiffness of the other Ensign's posture.

"Does it hurt that bad?" the Kerelian disguised woman asked, pulling her arm back a moment to inspect it with only her eyes.

"Not really, it's just annoying." Hex lied, feeling the pain burn in her shoulder even as she spoke. The Kzinti wasn't about to allow the doctor to do a full analysis on her now, when things needed to be done and people protected.

"I'll have to at least bandage it to stop the bleeding... but it looks like something from the explosion might have gotten jammed into your shoulder." Adriana observed, taking care not to touch the wound more than needed.

"We need to take whatever it is out then?" Hex questioned, her ear twitching slightly.

"Right." the aCMO confirmed, still looking over the wound, wondering how to best manage the removing process while in a trade center alleyway.

Before the doctor could offer a suggestion, the huntress sighed and quickly moved her hand over the wound. Taking a deep breath, she dug her claws into the wound quickly, gasping in pain.

"HEX! You don't have to do that! We could have found... something." Adriana chided, trying again to keep both her surprise and her voice to a minimal.

"This is easier, and less... " Hex twitched as she slowly began to pull a small, yet long, object from her shoulder, "Less hazardous... "

The doctor sighed, it was useless to scold Hex about it now. Looking around quickly, Ensign Lopez decided to play on the Kzinti's grounds and use whatever they had to aide her. Pulling slightly at her dress, she wondered how much of it she could use to bandage the young humanoid's shoulder.

Hex heard a rip as she was inspecting the piece of shrapnel that had been embedded into her arm. Looking at her crew mate, the Kzinti realized that her dress had become smaller instantly due to the fact that the aCMO was holding a potion of it in her hands.

"I'll bandage you up for now, but we'll have to take a look at that when we get back." Adriana said, smiling at the Kzinti's astonished look.

Gently wrapping the cat-like woman's shoulder, Ensign Lopez felt the Kzinti twitch. Assuming it was from pain, the aCMO continued slower than before. Hex let out a feral hiss in the direction they had come, which made Adriana look up a moment to see the large imposing black Kzinti from before in the entrance to the alleyway, staring at the two women with a grin.

"Well, well, well, it's not everyday you see a young Kerelian betrothed bandaging the arm of a weakling Kzinti huntress." the male said smoothly, seeming somewhat happy with the outcome.

"Wouldn't have happened if you hadn't caused that explosion." Hex stated bluntly, her words sounding dull from the pain, but still venomous.

"What makes you think I would do such a thing?" the older Kzinti questioned, feigning a look of hurt at the mere mention of his involvement.

"You're a hunter, but since you're here, I'm guessing it's not animals you hunt." Hex answered, hissing under her breath as the bandage was pulled closer to her flesh.

"You're observant, I'll give you that. I want to know if you spoke the truth though little Forsaken. Are you truly the daughter of Vladina Fanggot?" the dark-furred male asked pointedly, making the young aCMO feel uncomfortable with a stare in her direction.

"Yes." Hex stated, for no other words were needed, she was wasting her strength talking to the likes of this man when all he did was insult her.

"Then, as your father, I am obligated to help you." the Kzinti stated, grimacing at his own words.

"My father is dead. Even if you were him, what makes now so different from before? Where were you back when I was young?" Hex questioned, assaulting the imposing figure with words since she could not use force to make her questions more imposing.

"There's no time for this talk. Where are you two heading?" the humanoid stated, pinching the bridge of his feline nose with two fingers, oddly irritated.

"Landing platform D." Adriana answered, finishing Hex's bandages, but earning herself a glare from her fellow Ensign.

Before she knew it, the Kzinti huntress was at least four feet above ground in the elder Kzinti's arms. Hex squirmed, but it was futile to resist his tight hold and the Ensign was getting dizzy from the blood-loss.

"My name is Grex," the imposing Kzinti stated, bowing slightly to the Kerelian, "and I will lead you to where you need to go. Unfortunately"


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