" Commotion "
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Setting: YUDARA Asteroid Field, Planetoid, Trade Center, Market Place
Stardate: 63073.2040
The young woman stood motionless as she tried to gather information as to the explosion that had drawn everyone out of the business they had been busy with. As imposing as the asteroid and trade center had been, the sound of the large crash followed by the general commotion had been impossible to miss. All that remained had been to ascertain if whether or not this event had anything to do with the undercover presence of the ANUBIS' crew here.
From his higher vantage point the Oltharian had been able to get a more precise bearing as to the location of the explosion, but like his CO the CEO had not followed the sizable portion of the crowd that had suddenly headed that way.
"It appears to be in the general area where team 2 was beamed down," Elan stated in a whispered voice to the red-skinned woman standing immediately in front of him. "It also looks like the landing platforms have been taken offline for the time being to insure that no ship leaves the trade center."
"Fanggot and Lopez can take care of themselves," Rikar nervously offered, more as a means to convince herself than anything else. As their CO the young woman's initial response had been to rush in and insure that everything had been under control or to render assistance if either Ensigns needed it. Instead though the Jorelian freighter captain had to distance herself from the commotion… not only to protect her own cover but that of the two Ensigns as well. Like the other members of the away team Hex and Adriana had been on their own.
"This has to be the most excitement this place has seen in months," an unfamiliar voice offered which caused both the towering Oltharian and the red-skinned woman to turn in its direction. Less than a meters away from the pair, a female Vorta stood nonchalantly, the expression on her features pointed to the explosion not having drawn her interest in the least.
"If it means that I can make a few extra credits, the whole asteroid field can be blown up for all I care," Rikar chuckled back, having hidden and dismissed her surprise at the unexpected arrival of the woman.
The Vorta smiled as only they could, the power and protection of the Dominion having given them a sense of entitlement and security like no other. That the race also revered the Founders as *gods* for whom they had been willing to lay down their lives for had not helped in diminishing this overbearing confidence of theirs. "Allow me to introduce myself," the servant of the Dominion began, "I am Vellanor and I have a business proposition for you."
The statement made by the Vorta immediately caught the young woman's attention… in roughly the same manner as the woman's dress which had seemed to flow over the her figure in a rather peculiar manner.
"We're listening," the red-skinned woman replied unimpressed as she crossed her arms in front of her, not wanting to appear too anxious or concerned with the Vorta's words. Truth be known though, Rikar had already figured out that the woman's arrival had been due to their little chat about the transphasic power regulator with the Xyrillian… and that this had been a potential lead to the PARADOX.
"This is not the right environment to talk business," Vellanor stated, her hands showing the surrounding buildings to the pilot and her engineer. "If you will follow me, we can discuss my business proposal in a more suitable, and private location."
The young woman's eyes narrowed ever so slightly as she gaze at the departing Vorta whose words had been spoken with the utmost of charm and savoir-faire but also hinted to this request not having been as friendly as it might have sounded. Still this had been the best lead that had presented itself to them and Rikar saw no reason not to pursue it… after all the fate of the entire galaxy seemed to rest on the outcome of this mission.
As the Jorelian freighter captain and her engineer followed a few steps back behind the Vorta, Elan whispered a single word to his CO meant to draw her attention to the general area in which they had been heading in. "Three." Rikar immediately understood the significance of this detail, one that she suspected could make things much more difficult for everyone. The number mentioned by the Oltharian had referred to the team assigned to the section they had been heading to… a team comprised of Doctor Summers as an infected Rutian woman and Lt Commander Maya who for this Intel gathering mission had taken on the role of a Founder.
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