"Rebuilding From Scratch"
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Setting: NEW ALEXANDRIA, Section I, Medical level
Stardate: 30151.0500


=/\= How is she doing? =/\= the aged man unemotionally asked of the half dozen Doctors who had been supervising the rehabilitation of their patient through the night.  Almost 12 full hours had elapsed since the woman's arrival and things had not slowed down in the least since then.

"Better than expected," the lead physician answered cautiously.  "Following the information extraction that you requested we performed a complete synaptic depolarization and began reintroducing memories according to what we had on file.  Her vitals have remained strong throughout the procedure and her brain is accepting the repolarization with less neurological resistance than we had initially anticipated.  We believe that her Ullian brain chemistry has helped in this matter a great deal."

=/\= She will remember nothing of the experience? =/\= the aged voiced demanded, this having been a question of professional concern and not one based on concerns for the woman's mental health.

"You know as much as I do that there is no way to perform a complete and perfect synaptic wipe," the Doctor said as he tried to control his growing nervousness.  "The brain is an amazing thing, able to protect itself in ways that we have yet to understand.  As great as our technology and medical knowledge may be, there are still parts of this that we are blind to.  Best guests is what we can rely on when faced with those unknowns."

=/\= You had not expected her to survive, now that she has I need her to be able to return to duty.  You have three hours and I want a report on your progress every hour. =/\=

"Do you think he knows?" one of the Doctors asked in a very low whispered voice of the lead physician as soon as the channel had been closed.

The lead Doctor quickly shook his head, not wanting to say anything out loud for fear that the lab had been bugged.  The odds had been high that he knew, and likely knew more about all of this than anyone else, but for the sake of the task and their patient, it had been best for them all to continue under the reassuring idea that they had gotten away with saving the woman's life.

"Time to test her cognitive abilities," the lead Doctor said knowing that they now had only three hours to complete what they had started.


Shar'El sat in a lone chair set in the center of a perfectly white room, three large screens having been placed in front of her one next to the other.  Various images had been displayed, each one acting as a visual reinforcement of what the probes attached to the headgear had been feeding directly into her brain.

The images had finally stopped granting the black haired woman a few seconds of respite.

=/\= We will be showing you images, faces of people.  We need you to tell us what you remember of your interactions with them.  Are you ready? =/\=

The woman nodded her head as if in a daze, unable to know if this had been nothing more than an elaborate dream or a twisted reality.

The first image was that of the Captain of the USS ANUBIS as he sat in the office of the Admiral.  Shar'El grinned ever so slightly.  "I will take point.  Lieutenant Dalziel and Ensign Shar'El, you two will be right behind me, making sure that I didn't miss anything," the woman said recalling the man's own words from when they had been beneath the lunar surface.

=/\= Good, your memories of your last mission appear to be intact.  Who is this person? =/\=

The image of Captain Morningstar was replaced by that of the redheaded Engineer.  "Let me guess, you always wanted to be a motivational speaker," Shar'El said having done a rather good job at imitating the sarcastic tone that Sonja had used back in the SPHINX as Shar'El tried to keep her calm.

=/\= Very good, you are recalling more than words, you're putting them back into perspective.  Now this one. =/\=

The image of the Bajoran Doctor came onto the screen and prompted the ILO to instantly smile. "You fell asleep, so Counselor Dalziel and I thought it best to allow you to rest," Shar'El said recalling the nightmare that had preceded this specific memory.

=/\= Perfect, now how about this person? =/\=

The face of the grey eyed Counselor filled the screen causing the sitting raven haired woman to lower her head forward almost as if trying to rest it on a table that had not been there.  "Perhaps our next round should be a bit milder, maybe a Risian sunrise… ?"


"Looks like she remembers all of her interactions from during and after their last mission," one of the Doctor said with a sigh of relief. "This should make it easy for her to step back onto the ANUBIS and reconnect with those crew members she knew."

"It is not that she *remembers* that I am most curious about," the lead Physician said.  "We need to test what stayed in her head."  The statement seemed odd, but when placed in the perspective that the synaptic depolarization had been performed at only 95%, it opened up possibilities that no one could truly understand.

The information that Shar'El had gathered while linked to the ancient machine had stretched through multiple dimensions, and although no physical clues could be seen of this it had been easy to realize that something had changed in the Ullian on a psychological level. 

What knowledge had been left by the ancient machine in the woman's head and would it affect her in some unexpected way at a later time?  There had been no way to know for certain, but the team of Doctor's would try their best to make the raven haired woman ready to face her final test. A test that would be used to see if she would return to the ANUBIS or finish her days as a lab rat.

Tiffany Reeve

Ensign Shar'El
Intel Liaison Officer