"New Coordinates"
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Setting: YUDARA Asteroid Field, Planetoid, Trade Center, Market Place
Stardate: 63073.2025


Hex watched her fellow crew mate as she walked through the trade center, glaring at all who dare eye her for a challenge. Though the Kzinti was very well trained in hand-to-hand combat, the huntress doubted that she'd be able to force off an entire army of possible suitors from her new friend.

Easing into character was easy and unnoticeable to the Ensign. The main reason being that the Kzinti was unknown as a Starfleet officer and had never before preformed Intel work. For all Hex knew, the entire galaxy assumed her dead, save a few.

Concern washed through the Ensign as she noticed her companion's arm being grabbed by a sickly green passerby. Tensing her muscles, Hex moved to get a closer look at the undercover aCMO, just to make sure she was safe.

Almost muttering to herself vainly, the Kzinti noticed the young betrothed Kerelian look in her direction, if only for a brief moment. Worry made itself known as the huntress found herself wondering what could be wrong.

Walking swiftly after her though the market, Hex arrived at her side just in time to see her fall to the ground. From what the Kzinti could tell, her friend had rammed herself into a very imposing looking Kzinti hunter.

"Watch where you're going little one," the male threatened, "Don't want to get *too* hurt before your big day."

Noticing the signs of hostility, Hex moved to place herself between Adriana and the much larger member of her species. "Watch who you're talking to, that is *if* you want to keep your skull attached." she hissed, trying to make herself sound fiercer than she felt.

"Who are you to tell me what to do?" the dark-furred humanoid sneered.

"I'm the second child of Vladina Fanggot, High Priestess of KZINTI PRIME. So, I suggest you move aside and let my companion and I pass through," the huntress retorted, moving forward a step and trying to act prouder than she was of the statement.

Unpredicted, the imposing elder Kzinti laughed. "I'm supposed to believe that *you* are the child of my loins? You look nothing like your older brother Damon."

Hex froze, her mind whirling and turning over information. Everything was suddenly wrong, her childhood, her work, her family. [[My father is dead,]] she repeated in her mind several times before getting the courage to stand straight again.

"You know not of what you speak. My father is dead, and so will you be if you do not move from my way," the younger Kzinti threatened, baring her fangs slightly in challenge.

Adriana, though confused, remained silent. Seeing as they were both Kzinti, she didn't want to get involved by commenting on something that might make them both turn on her. The images of Hex doing what Kzinti's usually did, according to some, was still fresh in her mind. The aCMO didn't want this giant cat to confirm her fears.

Grabbing the exceedingly smaller Kzinti by the robe, the larger elder rose her off her feet to place her at eye level. "You dare speak back to me? I can slit your throat here and now if I believed it necessary, and I'm not a very *logical* man."

"In other words, you're not a very *smart* man." Hex jeered, hissing to his face just as easily as she did when their heights differed.

Obviously enraged by her words, the male hissed back, tossing Hex to the ground. "You're lucky I have things to do shrimp, otherwise I would have settled this here and now." the cat-like man warned.

"I'd love to have seen you try, *father*," the huntress jeered again, egging on the elder in a menacing voice.

"If you're still here when my buisness is finished, you can bet that I'll have your hide as a trophy," the hunter snarled, his face tightening as he turned and went on his way.

"Hex!" Adriana whispered urgently, "What was all that about? We're supposed to be inconspicuous!"

"I know... I just couldn't have him degrading me like that... to say he was my father was a low blow," the Kzinti sighed, picking herself easily off from the ground.

"Just promise not to get into any brawls while I'm around. We have work to do and I can't really help you while I'm in this dress," the aCMO cautioned playfully, beginning to walk again.

"No promises." Hex declared, grinning at her the human woman and earning herself a sigh of exasperation.

Just as they began to walk again, Adriana stopped the Kzinti huntress with a tug at her arm and a nod in the direction of an interesting, and colorful, stall. A merchant was motioning to them very urgently, looking hastened and distraught. Cautioning their each and every step, the two woman approached the odd looking bug creature.

"You made it just in time." the elderly insectoid Xindi breathlessly claimed, looking over his shoulder every so often with a twitch, "I was beginning to think you'd never make it."

"We're here now... " the Kerelian disguised woman ventured, somewhat copying the creature's movements in looking hasty.

"Well, what are we waiting for? I've got you all set up with a ride to the planet, as we agreed. It took some doing, but I found a large vessel that is heading in the direction you mentioned. It won't be free, but I'm sure you can swing something with the Commanding Officer in that ridiculous outfit." the Xindi laughed, looking around once more. "His name is Sumariss. He *seems* like the reasonable type, but I'm not entirely sure."

"Our appearance does not suit you?" Hex questioned, looking down again at her clothing, taking a mental note to sew herself new clothes sooner than later.

"NO! No, it's perfect Lady Martolin. I would never insult your attire." the Xindi explained hesitantly, moving away from the Kzinti slightly, "I would go with the two of you shape-shifters, but I'm afraid I have a buisness to run here."

"Where will we find our vessel?" Adriana asked, keeping her voice low as to not be overheard.

"Landing platform D, it leaves in a little while, so I suggest you high-tail it down there and never turn back." the male stated evenly, again looking over his shoulder, "But, if you ever do return, don't tell Rinno that I was the one who helped you escape this place."

"Understood, we'll leave right away." the Kzinti nodded, turning to go and feeling the man's bug-like hand enclose around her forearm.

"Do be safe. Take this with you, it's all I have to offer." the Xindi cautioned, dropping a small bag into the Kzinti's hand, closing her fist around it.

Hex nodded at the male, clamping her hand over his forearm as well before walking away, somewhat dragging the aCMO along with her. The Kzinti shoved the bag into one of her inner pockets meant to hold weapons reloads and continued walking.

"Landing platform D, it could be a lead." the human noted, following close behind the Kzinti huntress.

"It could, but I doubt it. Many ships must come to dock here, and that means that we could be merely walking into some kind of trap meant for someone else." Hex noted, stopping in a small shady place to cool down and talk.

"It's the only lead we have so far, unless you want to hunt down that Kzinti from before." Adriana answered, noting the Kzinti's ear twitch at the mention of her previous rival.

"Fine, we'll go, but stay behind me at all times in case something bad happens. I'm not going to be the reason for another death." Hex sighed, watching the crowd.

Giving each other a solemn nod, the two ANUBIS Ensigns headed out into the fray. Hex wondered who was the real shape-shifter who was supposed to meet with the bug-man, as well as what the small pouch now in her pocket contained.


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