"Journey begins. Formal Diplomacy late evening"
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Setting: NEW ALEXANDRIA  Andromeda  T'Leia's quarters
Stardate: 30151.0400

Andromeda T'Leia had finished the first part of her preparations for the Ball later that evening beginning around 2000 *8pm*   the replicator was malfunctioning and her uniforms came out looking like something from a nightmare, she took the uniform apart and using her tailoring kit she resewed it, putting on the Uniform, she then pulled on her Vulcan Robe for warmth.  Preparing for the Senior Officer Briefing for the USS ANUBIS crew, she also went over her PaDD information and also sent in the last of her Thesis to the Inter-Species Medical/Science Group, a group that had a storied old history, she had been reading over works by renowned Denobulan Physician Doctor Phlox, and made some notes on how the re-sequenced dna for some species, growing new limbs in amputees, had evolved, she was to speak at a Conference in a year if time and mission allowed, if not she would send in her speech for Dr. Kesel or another Board member to give for her.

The chime rang and she called out.  "Enter."

Wilton entered, and said.  "Good early day to you."  Andromeda T'Leia turned to him and said.  "A good early day to you as well, friend."  She motioned for him to sit, the handsome man sat down on the sofa.

Andromeda went to the kitchenette and poured hot water over the red tea leaves, letting the tea steep for a little bit.  She then poured up two cups and walked to Cloudt Eagle and handed him one.  She also placed before him, a bowel within was Earth Bee honey, with the honey comb still present.

He smiled and dipped a spoon into the honey and then liberally dribbled the golden sweetness into his tea.  Looking up at her he said.  "I wanted to speak with you privately, before you are busy with your new crew and tonights events on board the Risa liner Masquerade Dreams."

Andromeda T'Leia sat down and sipped her tea, then she replied.  "It is agreeable to see thee again."

"Rommie, it is more than agreeable to see you again.  You have taken a part of my heart with you, and yes I am working through the grief of losing Esperanza Alvarado Cloudt Eagle, my late wife three years ago now.  I wanted to see for myself, that this is what you want this mission?"

"Wilton, my friend.  This is something that I must do.  I cannot go into all of the aspects of the mission, but suffice it to say it is something that I must undertake."

He stood and crossed to her chair.  "Rommie, why this mission what could the Admiral possibly be thinking to put you into such a situation?  It is not logical."

She rose to meet his gaze.  "Logic has everything to do with it.  I will take this mission and when it is over, I shall be returned to my proper standings with Star Fleet and Vulcan Space Central and Medical;  it is important."

Shaking his head, the long black hair moving like raven's wings down his shoulders and back.  "He should never have ask this of you, it is not fair you or at least to your career , you are so much more than he ever gave you credit for.  And I have told him so."

She looked at him and said.  "What I do, I volunteered to do.  There is no need for you to think you have to rescue me, Wilton, you and I will see one another again.  Serron has said pretty much the same thing, but know this my two friends, I volunteered and I will complete the mission and then move onwards to the next journey."

Wilton Cloudt Eagle nodded to her and said.  "All I ever wanted for you was the Universe, and the lessor galaxies for your footstool."

Andromeda T'Leia nodded and said.  "And all I want for you is everything that you desire and for your missions to be safe sailing."

"So, you will return to us when this volunteer mission is over, yes?"

"We will see what the next journey is, I will promise you this, that you will see me and I will see thee. and we will have many happy times again on your Ranch in the West, we will ride Trixie and Walnut again and camp out under the stars and we will sing camping songs and make jewelry and find Ant Hill Garnets to put into the jewelry settings, and we will walk in moonlight and dance in the sunrise and we will see the other again."

Wilton bowed slightly and said.  "I am forever thy servant, and always thy friend."

Andromeda T'Leia took his hand and whispered in his ear.  "I am always with thee, I am they friend and we will be together again, on Earth, on the Esperanza, on Risa, or Vulcan somewhere we will be together again soon.  I am supposed to speak at the Medical summit on Risa in a  year, you most probably have a speech to make there too, meet me on Risa in a year, Serron said he would as well, we will meet again tonight even."  Her face emotionaless except for the deepening color of her eyes,  Wilton knew she would keep her promise if duty did not get in the way......

He nodded and said.  "I should get back to the Masquerade Dreams, I have a stateroom there.  His voice hoarser now,  I would like to see thee after thee completes all the days meetings and works."

Andromeda T'Leia, looked up  into his eyes and said.  "I will make time to be there.  I will see you there."

He departed her quarter's and somehow Andromeda T'Leia found it a little more difficult to push the emotions down into the Vulcan vault of Kolinar, she sent to him psionically...  ~I will see you soon.~  Wilton still just outside her door, picked up the message without problem.  He said nothing just departed back to the Risa Liner Masquerade Dreams...

Renda Carr

Ens. Andromeda T'Leia, M.D.
Assistant Chief Medical Officer
NCC 18501