"Too Easy"
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Setting: YUDARA Asteroid Field, Planetoid, Trade Center, Market Place
Stardate: 63073.2015

Lea glanced back at the Wadi as he scampered off to hide in an alleyway. The fear in the alien's eyes hinted to visions of a horde of Jem'Hadar descending upon him. As pathetic as the display had been, the CMO could not help but grin. The CSciO had been a total success in her first portrayal of an infamous Founder.

"I think that Wadi is going to be needing a change of underpants after this," Lea chuckled in a whispered voice.

"That was not my intent," Maya replied, sadness easily heard in her voice. "The goal is for us to gather Intel and eventually find the PARADOX, not to scare people to their knees."

The CMO thought of a way to respond to he Shillian's statement. Bottom line the CSciO had been correct, but gathering Intel in a place like the YUDARA trade center required that extra edge. An edge that the CMO believed very strongly had been theirs through the disguise and performance of her team companion.

Just as they were ready to enter into the establishment that the Wadi had indicated, Maya stopped. The CSciO begam a thorough examination of their surroundings which prompted the CMO to do the same.  Lea scanned the people walking about, apparently minding their own business and saw nothing. She continued her search for something out of place by looking at the other buildings. Again Rutian-dressed Doctor saw nothing of interest.

"What's wrong," Lea decided to ask, hoping that Maya had only caught a passing case of nerves.

"If the bar is our main bearing, look at heading 1-1-2," the CSciO stated. Lea immediately followed the instructions and noted a strange looking alien looking right back at them. "Now look at 1-7-8 and the other moving at 2-2-6," Maya added.  Doctor Summers complied and now saw what she had initially missed. Two other aliens, dressed as the first one had been, were keeping a close eye on them. A little too close for the CMO's liking.

"They are awfully curious about what we're doing," Lea said as she returned her eyes onto the first alien. The CMO had wanted to be impressed by Maya's observation skills but fear had made that impossible for the time being. "Maybe they are just amazed to see a Founder," Doctor Summers offered not truly believing that this had been the actual case.

"Everyone else followed that Wadi's lead except for those three," Maya sighed. "They are not afraid, nor even concerned. Their interest was immediate as if they had been looking for a Founder from the very start."

"The question is why," Lea said now fully understanding why Maya had stopped as she had.

"Founder?" A fourth alien, dressed in similar clothes as the first three said from the establishment's entrance. "If you would care to follow me, we have a table waiting for you."

"Come," Maya instructed her Rutian companion as she suspected a Founder would have. Not playing the part that she had selected for herself would have been catastrophic. So the CSciO continued as she had in the hope that this would lead to the break that they had been looking for.

Lea quietly followed and tried her best to keep the three aliens behind them in view. When the CMO noticed half a dozen more similarly dressed alien inside, the Rutian-dressed woman experienced cold chills.

"You shall be safe here Founder," the apparent leader of this gang of ruffians said. With an almost graceful gesture he invited both women to sit at the table that had been set for them.

"Well, that was easy," Lea sighed as she took the seat that had been offered to her.

"Too easy," Maya replied knowing that only a true Founder would be able to get out of this situation if things went south.

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Lt. Lea Summers
Chief Medical Officer