"Early Morning"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 30151.0400

Jayson sat alone on the empty command deck.  With he ANUBIS docked there had been no need for anyone to be here.  The only reason why he had come to be on the bridge had been in inability to sleep after having woken up a lot earlier than he would have liked to.

The senior staff meeting was still a full five hours away and but the OPS officer had been prepped and ready.  With the disappearances of the CMO and ILO it made sense that the Admiral in charge would call for a meeting to announce who would replace them.

He hoped that they would also be given some information as to the condition of the two women but Jayson had not kept his expectations high.  In the world of Intel the rules were different, if there was any rules at all.  Operating below the official surface gave the entire system a freedom that was required for their mission profile, but it also gave the highest ranking officer the liberty to act as he saw fit.

Although he knew next to nothing about the Admiral, Jayson could understand how the man thought.  Goal oriented, the Admiral would do all that had been required to reach the final objective, very much like Jayson had been once he had joined Starfleet.

Out of boredom the OPS officer checked the status of the ship's memory banks, confirming once again that the information that had been downloaded from Ensing Shar'El's mind had been transferred to the NEW ALEXANDRIA mainframe.  Although happy to see the memory banks as they should be, Jayson hoped that they would see the black haired woman again soon. As strange and awkward to be around as she might have been at times, the ILO's absence could be felt throughout the resting ship

In an effort to force his mind onto another subject, Jayson called up on the screen the Black and White Ball invitation that he had received.  The look of the invitation had been enough to see that this would be something big, something that the OPS officer thought had been well above his expertise.

Jayson had never been an overly social person, and this was not helped with Leena's passing. Being surrounded by countless Cadets while at the Academy had not been easy, but things had become easier while on the ANUBIS.  The people that surrounded him on a daily basis had gradually grown to be more than shipmates, they were starting to become friends.

As much as he might not have been looking forward to the ball, Jayson decided to make the best of the situation.  At the very least he would be able to enjoy seeing some of hi fellow shipmates in something other than a Starfleet Uniform.

In the meantime he thought it best to stop being an isolationist and enjoy the day that had started so very early for him.  Maybe a quick trip to he gymnasium followed by a healthy breakfast would set a better tone for the day.  With the senior staff meeting later this morning and the ball in the evening, the day had already been set to be a busy one. 


Jayson Sousa

Ensign Jayson Stark