"Requiem For A Dream"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck Thirteen, Crew Personal Quarters: Mizore
Stardate: 30150.1811

A yawn slipped from Mizore as it passed from her lips, still holding to the crystal in her palm as she fell to her bed, slipping from reality in to the realm of dreams.

As visions began to dance through Mizore’s mind in the twilight hours.
Setting: Somewhere on Bajor?
Stardate: Unknown

The Bajoran stood atop the frost covered crest at the summit of icy Mount Ba’lavael, where she looked out on the toward the horizon below at the breathtakingly beautiful view of her homeworld that lay before her, stretching as far as her dual chromatic eyes could see. The windswept zenith glistened in the sun as a light breeze from the north east brought another cold chill, creating a small flurry as it disturbed the veil of snow that covered the many faces of the mountain like a majestic white cloak.

In idle stillness, Mizore stood in awe, facing to the west in direction, a semblance of perfect peace worn across her expression, hilighting her natural features. Numbness had taken hold, as it started to set in. Slowly, Mizore closed her eyes, raising her left hand to her mouth as she exhaled in to the arctic air, turning her hot breath into a sudden mist in the light of the day star. Carefully focusing her mind to one singular purpose, intensely concentrating her thoughts. Through the sheer force of her will alone, she created or summoned a small flickering spark, bringing an azure will o’ the wisp to life or in to existence, where it alighted in her palm. The small light immediately radiated a gentle warmth in her hand.

The slow rumble of packed snow caught Mizore’s attention, as it sounded in her ears. When she moved her head to look or see, that which was an indication of approaching footfalls nearing her general location or vicinity. All that appeared, having sighted the point of origin from the corner of her eye, in her periphery. Three vaguely humanoid silhouettes, darkened figures that moved slowly toward her with a steady paced promenade.

Turning face, as she shifted her stance completely in an arced rotation, the shadows had changed. While they became more defined, in to a sort of blurred mirage, they remained still to far out and or away for to identify with any definite detail.

“Hanyu?” Mizore spoke as she called out to the three, the word carried in the winter air, cutting through the atmostphere between them and her. Seconds later, the voiced of two young women cried back in unison. “Ko’mekh!” Instantly, the lesser two of three forms quickly increased in velocity along their intended trajectory toward the Bajoran.

She could not resist the powerful and overwhelming urge, as she soon found herself rushing toward them in a spirited race in their direction. Almost crashing to her knees in the deep drifts of snow, she opened her arms wide, pulling them to her in an affectionate embrace, as the two clung to her tightly. When the third one came near, wearing a calm, reserved smile, that seemed empty or hollow. Mizore knew the why, completely understood the reason for it, excusing the estranged sense of detachment. Simply listened as they greeted her. “ Tonk’peh ko’mekh.” Mizore smiled wide, her face bright, a single tear rolling to fall down her face.
Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck Thirteen, Crew Personal Quarters: Mizore
Stardate: 30151.0713

The ACMO kicked from her rest, so suddenly and unexpectedly stirred from her sleep by the visions, her eyes still wet with tears.

“ Mako! “ Her voice breaking the silence as it cracked and tremored, overcome with lament. “ Tali’a! Li’lyth!” Throwing her arms around herself. Unable to contain the sense or feeling that she had lost some part of herself, that some aspect of her life was missing, or control her emotions. Mizore simply fell apart, reduced to a grieving wreck, just cried while rocking herself in a delirious haze.

[ Twenty minutes later. . . ]

A poor reflection of the officer that she once was, or had always seemed to be. Mizore appeared to have been replaced with a broken, shattered, and damaged version of the person she normally or usually was. Everything about her was unaligned, plagued and suffering as she languished in the shadows of or from a past or history she cannot remember.

“ Ani, please access and report ACMO assignment detail for stardate 30151. “

=/\= There is a Senior Officer Meeting at 0900 for the crew of the USS ANUBIS by order of Admiral Koniki. =/\=

“ Anything else? “ In Mizore’s opinion, it had been a great start to the morning, and it was only just beginning.

=/\= The Black and White ball begins at 2100. =/\=

:: Today is going to be a great day. :: She mused and noted sarcastically, already having felt like she had been hit while she was down.

“ Lucky me. I cannot wait. “

=/\= The rest of the day has been marked as shore leave, Ensign Mizore. =/\=
Gwen Spellblade

Ensign Mizore Seska
Assistant Chief Medical Officer